Who is Britney Spears’ celebrity lawyer Mathew Rosengart?

BRITNEY Spears has appointed Mathew S Rosengart to represent her in her ongoing conservatorship battle.

Judge Brenda Penny has permitted the hiring of Britney's legal choice in the pop star’s legal case to end from the conservatorship.

Who is Mathew Rosengart?

Mathew Rosengart, 58, is a former federal prosecutor, previously serving as a Supervisory Assistant United States Attorney and Justice Department Trial Attorney.

Over an extensive career he has specialized in white collar litigation and media and entertainment cases.

He has replaced Samuel Ingham, the man appointed by the court in 2008 to serve Spears, 39, but the Toxic singer claimed he did not do enough to help her.

Rosengart is a member of the Board of Governors of the Beverly Hills Bar Association.

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Who else has Mathew Rosengart represented?

Over the years Rosengart has represented a number of A-list Hollywood clients, including Steven Spielberg, actor Sean Penn and director Kenneth Lonergan.

Rosengart helped Penn win a defamation case against filmmaker Lee Daniels.

Penn described Rosengart in July 2021 as a "tough as nails streetfighter with a big brain and bigger principles".

The Los Angeles Business Journal described Mr Rosengart as the "go-to litigator for Hollywood's elite and Corporate America".

What has Mathew Rosengart said about the Britney Spears’ case?

In his first court appearance representing Spears he said it was the singer’s “constitutional right” to be able to pick her own representation.

He told the Los Angeles court Spears’ “powerful, compelling, honest” testimony from last month proved she was “more than capable of hiring her own counsel”. “This is not working,” he said. “We know that.”

Outside the courthouse, Rosengart said of Spears’ father, Jamie, who he called on to resign, “The question remains, why is he involved?”

Rosengart is expected to step up the attempts to end the conservatorship and signalled his intentions to file the required paperwork.

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