US woman in search for 'Adam from Wales' discovers he has a girlfriend

Adam from Wales has a girlfriend! Lovesick US woman who launched desperate search for mystery Welshman she met in a bar discovers he is in a relationship

  • Kate Lefler, 23, bumped into a man named Adam during a trip to the UK in 2018
  • They met in a bar in Plymouth, Devon, and she said ‘sparks flew’ between them
  • But Ms Lefler accidentally gave him wrong number during fleeting encounter
  • She launched Instagram page to find him, but found he is now in a relationship
  • Are you Adam or his girlfriend? Contact us: [email protected] 

A lovelorn American woman who launched a search to find a mystery Welshman she once met at a bar has finally tracked him down – only to find out he now has a girlfriend.

Kate Lefler, 23, met mystery man Adam two years ago at a bar in Plymouth, Devon.

She says ‘sparks flew’ between the pair and, after their fleeting encounter, believed he may have been the ‘one who got away’.

The American, who lives in Maryland and was briefly in England while with the US Coastguard, launched an Instagram page named ‘helpkatefindadam’ in a bid to track him down.

Lovelorn American Kate Lefler, 23, (pictured)  was desperate to find the ‘one who got away’ – a mystery Welshman she met in a bar

But her search has ended in disappointment after it has been revealed Adam is in a relationship.

Kate announced on her Instagram page: ‘Happy to say we found him! Thank you everyone that spread the word – the internet is so amazing.

‘With that being said, he IS in a relationship so in effort to respect his relationship and privacy, I’ll be shutting this account down soon.’

Kate met Adam while she was with the US Coastguard and her ship stopped in Plymouth, Devon, in 2018.

Mystery Adam, who was in his 30s, was visiting his friend Mac and gone out to the Rust and Royal bar in the town.

Her search ended in disappointment after it was revealed Adam is in a relationship. She posted this message on the Instagram page

Adam, who was in his 30s and said he was from Wales, had gone out to the Rust and Royal bar in the town while visiting his friend Mac. Pictured: Mac on the night Ms Lefler (right) met Adam

Ms Lefler also wrote to the bar (pictured) online. She said: ‘My name is Kate and this is going to sound crazy, but I was at your bar about two years ago and I met two really fun guys named Mac and Adam’

Kate said: ‘He kissed me goodnight and we were planning on seeing each other the next day.

‘When a text never came I started to realise I never put my area code in with my number in his phone.’

She has spent two years wondering about what might have been and was desperate to rekindle the relationship.

Kate added: ‘However I’m so thankful to receive that closure and be able to re-connect regardless.

‘Thank you for all of the encouragement.’

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