UK weather forecast – Brits to enjoy 17C sunshine this weekend before rain lashes UK again – The Sun

BRITS are set for 17C sunshine this weekend before rain lashes the UK again.

The country has seen torrential downpours for the past few days but the weekend should bring some light relief.

Forecasters are hopeful that after five days of squalls and chilly temperatures, the sunshine will return this weekend – and there could be highs of 17C.

However it seems the weather will go downhill again with a rainy few days – after a month's worth of rain hit this week.

The Met Office predicts an Atlantic weather system will "bring further bands of rain" in "unsettled" conditions for the first week of May.

Officials warned that a weather cell blowing in from the would cause "power showers" – and the rain would go on into the month.

The Met Office is now predicting settled, warmer weather for the beginning of next month, although we can still expect some showers, and it'll be much cooler than last week.

Emma Falter of the Met Office said: "It looks set to generally improve quite slowly.

"Tomorrow and through the weekend, the weather will start to get a bit warmer – it'll be around 16C at the absolute highest.

"By Wednesday we'll be getting back up to around 20C.

"It'll be a bit cheerier and there'll be more sunshine around."

Average temperatures for May are usually around 16C, she said.

Asked whether we could see a return to the warm days of last week, she said there's a "different beast" driving the weather over the UK.

April's sunshine was caused by a high pressure system from the continent – but recently we've faced the opposite, with low pressure systems bringing in colder weather and lots of rain.


Further showers, some heavy with a risk of hail and thunder.

Clear spells will develop, leading to a touch of frost and a few fog patches in parts of Scotland and far north of England.


Sunny spells and showers for most areas, these heavy at times across northern and eastern areas, but lengthier drier spells towards the south with more in the way of sunshine.


Sunny spells Saturday with showers in the north and east.

Cloudy with rain in the far south Sunday, sunny spells elsewhere with showers in the north.

Most places fine Monday.

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