UK weather forecast – Britain to be lashed with torrential rain in weekend washout

BRITS are bracing for torrential rain and a ‘disappointing’ weekend washout.

After welcoming days of warmer weather, the sunny spell is expected to turn at the end of the week and bring with it very unsettled conditions.

While Britain has been basking in days of stunning sunshine, the mid-twenties temperatures are tumbling, warn the Met Office.

Meteorologist Sarah Kent says conditions are due to dampen on Friday, and people should prepare for a “disappointing” weekend.

From Wednesday, the sunshine and high pressure begins moving away from the UK, allowing for rain to settle in for the weekend.

Ms Kent told The Sun by the weekend, the UK is in the firing line of a “succession of Atlantic fronts” which invariably bring unsettled weather.

Conditions on Saturday will be “very showery” with lots of clouds casting a grim shadow over outdoor weekend plans.

Frequent wet spells are expected, with torrential showers and thunderstorms in the East.

However Ms Kent says if there is a silver lining this weekend, it’s that there won’t be wet weather “for everybody, all the time.” 

Some brighter weather will be seen in the far North East.

Towards end of Saturday, conditions will start brightening up from the West.

Where the sun does show, the maximum temperature will be low twenties (20-22C), sticking to the average for this time of year.

However Ms Kent warns it will be a very humid start to the weekend, particularly in the South.

By time it gets to Sunday, conditions will initially be dry for many.

By the middle of the day widespread showers will settle in, keeping many people stuck indoors.

There will be some light relief and sunshine in between showers – more than Saturday – but the Ms Kent advises there is a risk some of the showers could bring them thunder.

The Met Office are not expecting to issue any weekend weather warnings – but are watching for even more dramatic changes on Saturday and will asses closer to the time.

In the lead up to the wet weekend, the Southern half of the UK will see mainly dry conditions on Wednesday.

There is some rain expected across Northern Ireland, much of Scotland and parts of England – however this is expected to turn lighter and patchier during the day.

By Thursday, another band of rain will swing East across the UK. 

Thankfully it won’t be a complete washout, with some scattered showers through the day.

Friday will deliver a little bit of respite before the weekend rain sets in.

Conditions will be a little cloudy in the morning, and by midday some sunshine and sunny spells will develop – with only one or two showers around.

Rain will then spread into the West at the end of the day and make way for the “disappointing” weekend outlook.

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