SECOND footie ace 'moved clubs after his wife rumbled affair with fan'

A SECOND top footballer has secured a transfer after his affair with a fan was rumbled by his wife, it was claimed on Sunday.

The footie ace, who cannot be named for legal reasons, apparently demanded a cut-price switch as he tried to save his marriage.

The fresh claim comes after the Daily Star revealed a Premier League footballer ordered a transfer after having a love child with a supporter.

Rumours that another star has demanded a move have surfaced on the internet, the Daily Star reported.

It is not clear what league the footballer plays in.

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The Premier League star whose affair was reported last week cheated on his long-term partner and mother of his children.

She is said to have forgiven him but they have "moved miles away" from where the affair took place.

The woman, a teacher in her 20s, has said the player insisted he was single and that he told her he loved her.

Last week it was alleged the mistress had an affair with another top player.

A pal of the teacher said: "She is not a wannabe WAG.

"She has just had two bad experiences with footballers and been left holding the baby.

"Her relationship with the dad was anything but an ‘affair’.

"He was obsessed with her and chased her for months on social media before she finally agreed to go out with him on a date.

"My friend ended their relationship after his lies.

"It got worse when numerous other girls started contacting her claiming he’d had one-night stands with them during their time together."

A mum has revealed her horror at discovering her husband and daughter are having an affair.

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