Sean Hannity and Geraldo Rivera get in heated argument over Canadian protests

Geraldo Rivera appeared on Hannity, Tuesday, which is a regular occurrence, but this time he and Sean Hannity got into it over differing opinions concerning the trucker protests in Canada, the so-called ‘Freedom Convoy.’ The protests against vaccine mandates have garnered praise from most at Fox News, and this isn’t the first time Rivera has disagreed with a colleague. But this is the first time it got this heated.

After showing a clip of Rivera saying shame on the truckers, Hannity kicked off the interview by saying, “Geraldo, you’re a friend. I hate to say it, shame on you.” He later added, “You’re calling these guys who don’t agree with you, that are protesting peacefully, thugs, you’re calling them selfish, you’re calling them self-absorbed. And with all due respect to our friendship, you owe these guys an apology.”

What about the freedom of the business owners?Geraldo Rivera

One such protest shut down the Ambassador Bridge for several days, interrupting traffic between the United States and Canada, and reportedly costing hundreds of millions of dollars on both sides of the border, with the auto industry being hit the hardest. Rivera argued from the point of view of the workers who found themselves unable to earn money while the bridge was shut down.

“In a free society, if we don’t allow for protest, peaceful protest like this,” Hannity said, “then you don’t have freedom, Geraldo.” “What about the freedom of the homeowners?” Rivera asked in response. “What about the freedom of the business owners? What about the freedom of the people who want to just visit their capital city? What about the auto workers? What about the auto workers who couldn’t work because they had no parts because of the blockade?”

While Hannity repeatedly hammered the point that the protests have been peaceful, Rivera pointed out that there was one protest in Alberta, Canada, at which police found a cache of weapons after being tipped off.

“What about the group in western Canada with the heavy weapons and the extended magazines and the body armor?” Rivera asked, to which Hannity replied “Oh my God, Geraldo, this has been like a block party.”

Rivera also called out Hannity personally, wondering if the praise from him and others like him has only prolonged the unrest.

“What’s the impact of the allies in the media of prolonging this agony?” Rivera asked. “What is the impact of all your friendly, loving comments to these groups? How much longer are they gonna stay there? How much longer will they cripple the capital city of Canada?”

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