Schoolboy, 13, fighting for life with coronavirus after suddenly falling ill with measles-like rash and bloodshot eyes – The Sun

A 13-YEAR-OLD schoolboy is fighting for life with coronavirus after developing a rash and bloodshot eyes.

Lewis Greig suddenly fell ill with a high temperature and his family thought he had a minor bug as he didn't have a dry cough.

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But Lewis’s condition worsened and he started to show other symptoms, including a rash, red swollen eyes and vomiting.

He was rushed to hospital in Aberdeen before being transferred to ICU in Glasgow where he tested positive for Covid-19.

Now his worried family are urging parents to be aware of the warning signs in their own kids.

The Evening Express reports that Lewis, who turns 14 this week, is in a critical but stable condition and is showing signs of improvement.

And his mum Karen says that his loved ones must wear protective equipment while visiting him in hospital.


She described the symptoms her son went through before being diagnosed with the horror bug.

Karen, of Aberdeen, said: "It all started last Saturday when we discovered he had a temperature. It was really high – about 40.5 degrees.

“At first we didn’t think it was anything too major.

"We assumed he had a bug and that it would pass.

“On the Sunday though, things weren’t any better and Lewis started to get progressively worse as the week went on.

“He started being sick, had a sore head and was really tired.

“By Thursday, he had developed a measles-like rash on his hands and his eyes went deep red and bloodshot."

Now Karen is hoping to raise awareness for other parents as the pandemic continues.

She said: “I want to help other parents understand how to spot it.

“They might show some really strange symptoms which aren’t fitting with the normal coronavirus symptoms.

"Make sure you get them checked and keep pushing to have them tested".

Karen added: “I have never seen anything like it before. It was so scary."

A Go Fund Me campaign has so far raised thousands for Lewis as he battles the killer disease.

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