Russian doctors perform open-heart surgery as hospital is engulfed in flames

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They sure can stand the heat.

A team of Russian doctors completed an open-heart surgery — even as flames consumed their hospital.

The eight doctors and nurses stayed behind to finish the procedure after a fire broke out on the roof of the clinic in the Far East city of Blagoveshchensk on Friday.

“There’s nothing else we could do. We had to save the person,” surgeon Valentin Filatov told Russian network REN TV.

“We did everything at the highest level.”

Firefighters, who took more than two hours to put out the blaze, said they used fans to keep smoke out of the operating room and ran in a power cable to keep it supplied with electricity.

The surgery also took about two hours to complete, before the patient was taken to another hospital, the country’s emergencies ministry said.

About 128 people were immediately evacuated after the fire started.

“The clinic was built more than a century ago, in 1907, and the fire spread like lightning through the wooden ceilings of the roof,” the ministry said.

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