Rose McGowan calls for Gov. Cuomo probe over alleged sexual harassment

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Actress and #MeToo activist Rose McGowan is calling for an investigation into Gov. Andrew Cuomo following sexual harassment accusations from a former aide.

Speaking to Fox News Thursday, McGowan said she believed Lindsey Boylan, who came forward this week to allege that Cuomo kissed her “on the lips” without warning inside his Manhattan office and created a culture that encouraged harassment.

“I completely stand by Lindsey Boylan. Its truth leaks from every word on the screen that she wrote. She, none of us, should endure what she endured,” the actress-turned-activist told the network.

“If they’re doing it to her, what are they doing to constituents? What is he going to do to what he considers the little people? It’s monstrous.” 

McGowan went on to call for an independent investigation into the matter, adding that ensuring honesty was paramount to prevent the issue from being sidelined over politics.

“It’s time for some goddamn honesty. Sometimes truth hurts and it’s not pretty but guess what? We get cleaned,” she said, going on to reference Tara Reade, the former Senate staffer of Joe Biden who accused him during the 2020 Democratic primary of assault when she worked for him.

Biden has denied the allegations.

“Look what happened to Tara Reade,” McGowan said, “Look what they’ve done to me. These are powerful predators but it is so important that all of us remember we have power too.”

“I would like to see an honest investigation. I would like that position of power to be filled by somebody who is not dangerous and a bully and intimidating and threatening because that’s what sexual harassment is. It’s power abuse. It’s trying to make the little person feel small.”

The governor has denied Boylan’s accusations.

Boylan, who is running for Manhattan borough president, first accused the governor of harassment in December.

This week, as he faces continued accusations of threatening, bully-like behavior, Boylan published an essay on Medium detailing her allegations — including the kiss claim.

Boylan said that incident took place after her 2018 promotion to be Cuomo’s deputy secretary for economic development and special advisor to the governor — a job she initially turned down “because I didn’t want to be near him.”

Cuomo has also faced a wave of scrutiny following The Post’s recent revelation that top aide Melissa DeRosa privately admitted his administration hid the total number of nursing home residents killed by COVID-19 from lawmakers, and the public over fear that federal prosecutors would use it “against us.”

The Post’s scoop has sparked calls for Cuomo to be impeached and a probe by the FBI and Brooklyn US Attorney’s Office.

In a prepared statement issued this week, Cuomo press secretary Caitlin Girouard said, “As we said before, Ms. Boylan’s claims of inappropriate behavior are quite simply false.”

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