Reports of man armed with 'rifle' near school in Leicestershire village with armed cops at scene

COPS are reacting to reports of a man armed with what appears to be a rifle near a school today.

Armed police are at the scene in Quorn, Leicestershire.

A man was pictured holding what seemed to be a weapon near Rawlins Academy.

It is unclear if the weapon is a real gun or an air rifle.

The picture was shared to social media today, along with the message: "Extremely scary times. Avoid Quorn if possible, police at scene."

Did you see the man? Email [email protected] or call 020 7782 4100

One person wrote in a tweet addressed to Leicestershire Police: "Could you confirm if there is an ongoing incident near Rawlins school Quorn please?

"My son is shut in a room being told to stay away from windows."

Video shared to Twitter and Snapchat shows the man leaning against a wall on a street in Quorn.

He appears to be holding a weapon as cars drive past.

A resident who lives near the road where the man was seen told Leicestershire Live: "There was some shouting in the street and I looked out.

"There was a man with his top off carrying what looked to be a rifle, I have no idea if it was an air rifle or a real gun.

"He was aiming it at people and shouting threats. At one point the bloke was aiming the rifle at the Co-op store, but staff managed to lock the doors to protect customers."

Another witness said they saw the man running down the village's main road outside the school with what appeared to be a gun.

The Sun Online has contacted Leicestershire Police and Rawlins Academy for comment.

Quorn is a small village with a population of just over 5,000, and is near Loughborough in Leicestershire.

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