Rashford speaks on the phone with Johnson, calls for 'collaboration'

‘Just had a great conversation’: Marcus Rashford speaks on the phone with Boris Johnson as he calls for ‘collaboration’ weeks after PM rejected call for free school meals over half-term

  • Marcus Rashford tweeted on Saturday saying he has spoken to Boris Johnson
  • Government recently refused to U-turn on free school means after campaign 
  • Johnson has faced mounting pressure to U-turn from Labour, Torys and public
  • Marcus Rashford was rewarded with an MBE last month for his campaign 

Marcus Rashford has revealed that he has spoken to Prime Minister Boris Johnson after leading a campaign against child poverty for months.

The footballer wrote on Twitter that he had spoken with Johnson and called for collaboration, weeks after the Government rejected calls to provide free school meals over half term and during school holidays in the coronavirus crisis.

‘Just had a great conversation with the Prime Minister, now is the time for collaboration,’ he wrote on Saturday.

Rashford (pictured with his mother) was honoured with an MBE last month for his campaign to end child poverty has said that he has spoken to Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the phone

‘Just had a great conversation with the Prime Minister, now is the time for collaboration,’ Rashford wrote on Saturday in a tweet

Johnson and The Government have faced mounting pressure from MPs and the public to U-turn on its refusal to free provide school for children during school holidays until Easter 2021.

Pressure was heaped on Mr Johnson as Labour leader Keir Starmer announced in late October that he would force another Commons vote on the issue soon.

Senior Conservatives made clear they could line up behind the motion, with some saying they ‘regretted’ supporting the government its initial decision.

A public petition calling on the government to expand the Free School Meals programme to school holidays has reached more than 1,100,000 signatures. The Government says it considers all petitions that receive over 100,000 signatures. 

Downing Street has insisted that it would not back down over the footballer’s campaign for free school meals.

Two Tory MPs were criticised for controversial remarks about the Manchester United player’s call for the meals to be funded over the school holidays until Easter 2021, with suggesting that the money went to ‘crack dens and brothels’.

Pressure has mounted of Boris Johnson to U-Turn on the Government’s refusal to provide free school means during school holidays until Easter 2021

The other implied hospitality firms which stepped in to offer free food did not need Government help.

It came as No 10 moved quickly to stress that an aide to Chancellor Rishi Sunak who promised a ‘detailed statement’ on the issue was speaking in a personal capacity and not signalling a U-turn.

A Deltapoll survey for today’s Mail on Sunday found 71 per cent of voters support Rashford’s campaign, with 18 per cent opposed.

The 22-year-old, who was made an MBE for his successful campaign for free meals to be issued during the national lockdown, launched his new drive after Parliament rejected proposals to provide the free meals for vulnerable children. 

The star said that he was ‘truly overwhelmed’ by the fact that his online petition has garnered more than 700,000 signatures (at the time), and praised local communities for providing half-term, stop-gap measures.

Pictured: A mural of Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford by Street artist Akse on the wall of the Coffee House Cafe in Withington, South Manchester

Responding to the offers of free food from tea rooms, churches, farms and takeaways, Rashford said: ‘Even at their lowest point, having felt the devastating effects of the pandemic, local businesses have wrapped arms around their communities today, catching vulnerable children as they fell. 

‘I couldn’t be more proud to call myself British tonight.’

McDonald’s also offered to support to families, announcing a partnership with food waste charity Fare Share UK to provide one million meals for families in need. 

Tory MP Robert Halfon, who voted in support of extending free school meal provision, said it should be a ‘no brainer’ for the PM to meet Rashford to come up with a free meals strategy.

Marcus Rashford featured in the English Premier League for Manchester United today against Everton. Hours later, he tweeted that he had spoken to the Prime Minister

Downing Street said two weeks ago: ‘We are committed to making sure the most vulnerable in our society are protected and we’ve put in place a strong package of support to ensure children and their families do not go hungry during this pandemic.

‘The Prime Minister has said free school meals will continue during term time and that he wants to continue to support families throughout the crisis so they have cash available to feed kids as they need to do.’

Rashford revealed fellow England star Raheem Sterling inspired him in his campaign to end child poverty, which has seen him rewarded with an MBE.

The 23-year-old Manchester United forward has slogged away tirelessly to ensure poverty-stricken children are given meals during school holidays, leading a campaign for the government to provide free school meals since March.

He was then honoured last month after his efforts resulted in successfully lobbying the government into a U-turn and to continue feeding children in need, while Rashford has teamed up with charity FareShare to help provide free meals.

Marcus Rashford has revealed fellow England star Raheem Sterling (right) inspired him in his campaign to end child poverty

Sterling meanwhile has also emerged as one of sport’s leading members in tackling social issues, becoming a leading voice in the fight against racism after speaking out on the abuse he has received on social media in particular.

The Manchester City forward is also planning to launch a foundation aimed at helping disadvantaged young people, and speaking in the first episode of the FA’s Black, England and Proud series, Rashford said Sterling’s attempts to bring about change made him realise what could be done.

Asked who his football inspirations are, Rashford said: ‘The most recent one was probably Raheem when he started speaking about the issues that he has faced. 

‘For me, Raheem showed me if you’re not happy about something say it and make people aware of it. It’s not a crime to tell people what you think, it’s probably the biggest thing that sparked change for me.’

The duo have both been called up as part of Gareth Southgate’s latest England squad for matches against the Republic of Ireland, Belgium and Iceland.

They are therefore likely to play for their country together again more than a year on from England’s 6-0 win over Bulgaria – where the game had to be halted twice due to racist chanting.

England decided among themselves to finish the game, but Rashford insisted that could only be done due to the bond the squad has among themselves which has been brought about by Southgate.

The duo have been called up to the latest England squad more than a year on from the Bulgaria game in European qualifiers

The game had to be stopped twice due to racist chanting and Sterling spoke out against it

‘Since Gareth has come in we have done a lot of work off the pitch, with people coming from different communities – these are the best players in England but everyone is from different places,’ Rashford added.

‘He found a way to bring us all together but it was natural, it wasn’t forced and no-one felt forced to speak about things they don’t want to. And when situations have occurred we have managed to just deal with it but we didn’t deal with it as individuals.

‘I know some players in the past I have spoken to on racist issues they [have had to] deal with it themselves. The way that we have dealt with situations in recent times, it’s been amazing, literally everyone together.

‘The game in Bulgaria [the racist abuse] was literally happening from the beginning of the game. I think one of the main reasons why he had the strength to carry on and just ignore it and play our football was because of that bond.’

And Rashford (left) believes the game was only completed due to Gareth Southgate (right) bringing his England squad together

‘I’ve never been more proud to be British’: MARCUS RASHFORD writes a personal testimony about his free school meals campaign that has inspired the country 

By Marcus Rashford For The Mail On Sunday, November 1, 2020

As I drove into Wythenshawe, my hometown, a couple of days ago, a sheet hanging from the welcome sign read: ‘A Humanity United.’ 

I couldn’t have put it better myself. ‘Pride of Britain’ they said. 

Believe me, I have felt no greater pride than when I witnessed people answering my call and offering help and services to support our most vulnerable children.

I have stood in awe of you all, especially business owners who have opened their kitchens. 

These companies have been the hardest hit by the pandemic but in the true spirit of community, they’ve found something to give.

As I drove into Wythenshawe, my hometown, a couple of days ago, a sheet hanging from the welcome sign read: ‘A Humanity United,’ writes Marcus Rashford (pictured with his mother) 

Because of your compassion, children have woken up during this half-term feeling it was OK to ask for help, and feeling that they mattered. 

Because of you, anxiety and fear were replaced with warmth and understanding.

Because of you, tears and sleepless nights were no more.

People such as 89-year-old Flo Osborne who has been getting up at 4.30am most days to bake pies in her tiny kitchen in Harwich, Essex, and businesses like The Bubble Inn in Derby, Peggy’s Cafe in Basildon, the Waggon and Horses in Chester, Toast in Herne Bay, Oceans of Fun in Nottingham, The Handsworth Inn in Sheffield, Gray’s Coffee Shop in Rothwell, and the Bridge Cafe in Coventry.

Forgive me for not listing you all, but there are so many. Your kind actions have positively influenced the next generation, demonstrating the power in empathy.

This week, FareShare is supplying seven million meals to the most vulnerable thanks to your donations 

For too long, we have bought into a narrative that we are a divided nation. Disagreements on Brexit, Covid, football, and party politics. North-South divides. 

But it’s all just a figment of our imagination, because when it comes to our children, we will always stand united.

When I joined Manchester United aged six, the rivalry with Liverpool FC was the first thing I learned about.

And, of course, the Manchester derby. Us versus Them.

But not today. We put allegiance aside and fight for something much greater than us all.

I have felt such pride in ‘rival’ clubs standing side-by-side to support children, with food packages and hot meals. 

Nothing comes before the wellbeing of our children. I fight for Liverpool as much as any other city across the UK. Child food poverty doesn’t have a catchment area.

Those in power have taken steps to support our most vulnerable, but if businesses, youth clubs, football clubs, schools and charities, who see these children day-in day-out, have felt the need to open their kitchens this half-term, we should consider that maybe it is not quite enough.

The increase in Universal Credit, for example, was welcomed, but it still misses 1.5 million children who require vital support because of the two-child Universal Credit cap.

I recently spoke to a teacher who had been worried about a ten-year-old girl in her class who kept falling asleep.

She was using her free school meal voucher to take home food to her younger siblings who didn’t qualify for food support, concerned this would be the only thing they would have to eat that day.

Another teacher who questioned a six-year-old about her empty lunchbox received a simple answer: ‘I don’t have any.’ Nor did she have breakfast.

The teacher gave the little girl a hot meal from the canteen, but on receiving it she emptied it into her lunchbox.

Why? Because she wanted to take it home to her sister.

This is not OK, yet I have heard hundreds of similar stories.

I heard the argument that it is not the schools’ responsibility to feed children outside of school hours. I agree. It isn’t.

But schools do it anyway because they understand the need. Head teachers have been using their own credit cards to buy food packages.

I have never claimed to have all the answers. 

My education stems from my own experiences and those of my mum, as well as insight from mums, dads, children and carers who I’ve spent time with. 

Now is the time for collaboration. These families have been crying out for help and we have not been listening.

This is not a Covid-19 problem. Even before the pandemic, 4.2 million children were living in poverty across the UK.

Yet the situation worsens as unemployment rises and working hours are cut.

 Believe me, I have felt no greater pride than when I witnessed people answering my call and offering help and services to support our most vulnerable children

Since late March, 32 per cent of households with children experienced a drop in income.

If I had a pound for every time I have heard ludicrous suggestions that some free school meals vouchers are spent on Sky TV, mobile phones, crack dens and brothels, we could have funded the solution ourselves.

I have spoken to a mother who is surviving on three pieces of bread a day to feed her two young sons. 

Soaking it in boiling water, adding sugar and mushing it up with the hope that the consistency sustains her boys just a little longer.

Families who have sold every valuable to put food on the table, now sleeping on the only mattress on the floor alongside their children.

There have been 900,000 new applications for free school meals over recent months. 

This week, FareShare is supplying seven million meals to the most vulnerable thanks to your donations. 

We should all be able to agree that no child in the UK should go to bed hungry. Also, whatever the reason, when it does happen it is never the child’s fault.

So, continue to fight the good fight. As I turn 23 this weekend, I’ve never been more proud to call myself British – and feel grateful for you all. Thank you.

Be safe. Be kind!


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