Pilot's wife screamed 'he killed my child' in Kazakh hotel horror

British pilot’s wife screamed ‘he killed my child’ as she carried their lifeless one-year-old daughter through hotel ‘after he beat the girl to death’

  • Pilot Mohamed Barakat, 41, faces up to 20 years in a Kazakh jail if found guilty
  • Wife Madina says child’s death was accidental and that authorities pressured her
  • Hotel security staff described seeing Madina with the dead child in her arms

The wife of a British pilot carried her motionless one-year-old daughter from the lift into the foyer of a five star hotel sobbing that her husband had ‘killed my child – he hit her’, a court was told.

Airbus 330 captain Mohamed Barakat, 41, faces up to 20 years in a Kazakh jail if convicted of murdering his baby daughter Sophia.

Hotel security chief Madi Alimkhanov told the Almaty court that he had seen Barakat’s wife Madina Abdullayeva, 22, carrying her child who he believed to be dead.

‘When I approached the reception, I saw a crying woman in whose arms was a child,’ he said.

‘The child was all blue, the eyes were closed.

‘The girl did not show any signs of life.

‘The woman shouted: “He killed my child, he hit her”.’

British pilot Mohamed Barakat (pictured with his Kazakh wife Madina Abdullayeva) is accused of killing their one-year-old daughter in a drunken rage 

Security went to room 801 where the ‘drunk’ pilot was in the bathroom ‘screaming’ as he held a hand shower.

When police entered the room soon afterwards, Barakat ‘was lying on his back…with his underpants on and looking away’, said Alimkhanov.

‘He was conscious, but in an inadequate state.

‘His eyes were glassy, like people who take drugs.’

He ‘behaved aggressively, cursing in English.

‘He was later taken away by police.’

 The child’s head had been banged against the walls and doors of the suite, claims the indictment.

Barakat – who denies murder and claims he is not getting a fair trial in Kazakhstan – then personally cross examined the hotel security chief asking:

‘In your testimony you said that my daughter had no pulse. How can you talk about a pulse without touching a person?’ 

The security man replied: ‘I did not say that she had no pulse.’

Barakat (pictured left with Madina on their wedding day and right during her pregnancy) has said he will not get a fair trial in Kazakhstan 

Barakat is accused of attacking his wife and then fatally injuring his daughter at the five-star Intercontinental Hotel in Almaty, Kazakhstan (pictured). The couple deny the allegations

The pilot asked: ‘In your testimony, you answered that the child was not breathing, she was blue, and had no pulse?’

Alimkhanov replied: ‘Perhaps I don’t remember.’

Barakat then quizzed him: ‘Do you confirm that you gave false testimony?’

Alimkhanov: ‘Maybe.’

Barakat: ‘Did you see how I killed my daughter?’

Alimkhanov: ‘No.’ 

Barakat: ‘Have you seen how I did drugs?’

Alimkhanov: ‘No.’

Barakat: ‘Did you see how I took a large quantity of alcohol?’

Alimkhanov: ‘No.’

Another hotel employee Miyat Yerkinov, a security shift supervisor, said he saw Madina ‘crying very loudly’.

‘She said the girl had been killed, and that her husband could commit suicide’.

He told how he detained Barakat who had approached him with a piece of wood in his hotel room.

‘I grabbed his right hand, swept it round, put him down on the floor and folded his arms back,’ he said.

Yerkinov used sticky tape to secure Barakat’s hands before police arrived.

Alimkhanov’s testimony appeared to contradict Kazakh law enforcement allegations that Barakat had beaten his wife during a row which led to the child’s death.

‘She did not seem to have bruises or abrasions on her face, her clothes were not torn,’ he said.

Madina and Barakat’s legal team have argued that Sophia’s death was ‘essentially an accident’, and suggested the evidence against the Hong Kong Airlines pilot was ‘fabricated’ and riddled with errors.

An attempt by the defence to change the judge in the trial, Bakhytkhan Bakirbayev, failed.

Barakat has been held in custody in Kazakhstan for 11 months since his arrest at the five star Intercontinental Hotel in Almaty where Sophia died.

In an earlier hearing he told the court: ‘I completely reject the (murder) indictment.’

Forensic experts established the child suffered multiple injuries and had no chance of survival in their eighth floor room, a remote session of the court hearing was told.

Her skull was fractured and her brain ‘crushed’, it was reported.

Madina earlier told the court: ‘I have repeated many times that Mohamed could not have killed Sofia.

‘From my statement it is clear that I was shocked, scared and stressed.

‘I had lost my daughter under terrible circumstances, and I did not have a lawyer.

‘The police took advantage of this, forced me to testify.

‘They deprived me of the right not to testify against my husband.’

The pilot’s wife said she had been ‘threatened’ with being made a murder suspect if she did not testify against her ‘wonderful’ British husband.

‘The prosecutors deliberately ignored my statement that I did not suspect Mohamed of murder,’ she said.

He ‘would have never hurt Sofia’.

The accused pilot ‘is a gentle and caring person, a wonderful husband and father,’ Madina said.

‘I love and respect Mohamed.

‘Sofia meant the entire world to him and me.’

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