NYPD detective calls Officer Derek Chauvin ‘my enemy’ for role in George Floyd death

An NYPD detective this week denounced Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin, shown in viral footage pinning his knee on the neck of George Floyd, as a failure — and called him his “enemy” because he dishonored the badge.

Detective Dmaine Freeland spoke out in a public video posted to Facebook Wednesday about the Monday night incident that has sparked national outrage.

“I felt compelled to say something, because I realized by saying nothing that I am indeed saying something,” said Freeland, who is wearing his NYPD uniform in the clip.

Freeland said he does “not apologize for the career path which I have chosen,” which he said has given him the means to serve his church and family.

“With that being said,” he added, “I’d like to state that although we wear the same uniform and although we wear the same badge and our job descriptions may be similar in many ways, me and every good cop in the department are different from that heinous act that has transpired in Minneapolis.”

The detective emphasized that “every cop is not a bad cop,” but Chauvin failed to uphold his oath.

Chauvin, 44, who is white, is shown on the video ignoring pleas from Floyd, 46, who was black, to let him breathe while he is handcuffed on the ground. Floyd became unresponsive and was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

“In the beginning, in taking this career, we take an oath to serve and protect,” Freeland said. “I would like to say that that officer failed on both aspects. And because of that fail, he is not my friend, he is not my brother, but he is my enemy.”

Freeland continued: “He is not my enemy because of any race, creed or color, but he is my enemy because he has brought dishonor to the uniform and the badge.”

“I just believe that it’s time for every good cop to speak up,” he added. “So I close this message by saying, be safe, be careful and most importantly, be blessed.”

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