Nurse stranded in Turkey as daughter took her mask off during flight

NHS nurse, 35, is stranded in Turkey and banned from Tui flight home after her teenage daughter took off her face mask to eat a sandwich on the plane

  • Mother-of-three Charlotte Snook was initially banned from flight home by Tui
  • Ban came after her daughter, 14, took off her mask mid flight to eat a sandwich
  • The A&E nurse from Lincolnshire said her holiday to Marmaris, Turkey, is ‘ruined’
  • Tui say it was Ms Snook who was ‘consistently not wearing mask on the flight’ 

An NHS nurse was left stranded in Turkey after her teenager daughter took off her face mask to eat a sandwich on the plane out there – resulting in her being banned from the flight home.

Charlotte Snook, 35, was flying out her £1,300 all-inclusive holiday to Marmaris when she claims her 14-year-old daughter Olivia was told off by a stewardess.

The A&E nurse from Lincolnshire, who worked on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic, says Olivia was told off after removing her face mask to have a sandwich, and was later handed a warning about the firm’s rules. 

Tui has reversed the decision, but claims Ms Snook was ‘consistently not wearing her mask on the flight and was told several times by our crew to wear one’.

A&E nurse Charlotte Snook said her holiday with two of her three children has been ruined after Tui banned her from flying home with them

A day after arriving in the country, she received a letter at her hotel telling her she had been banned from all Tui flights and would need to find her own way back home. 

The nurse at Scunthorpe General Hospital in North Lincolnshire, told The Sun: ‘We weren’t given any notice. The stewardess just told Olivia to put her mask on and later slapped a piece of paper down in front of me with their coronavirus rules.

‘I pointed out the rules do say you’re allowed to eat with your mask off but there were no raised voices, I didn’t swear and I told Olivia to put her mask back on.’

Tui has reversed its decision and said it told Ms Snook, pictured with her daughter Isabella, nine, ‘multiple times,’ to put her mask back on

Ms Snook told the paper she carried on working at her hospital throughout the pandemic, despite her youngester daughter, nine-year-old Isabella, suffering with health problems. 

She says her £1,300 stay at four-stay hotel Costa Mare Suites in Marmaris has been ruined by Tui’s letter.  

The letter explained she would be the only one banned from the flight home, but the decision has since been reversed entirely. 

Describing the experience as a nightmare, she said: ‘They told me ‘your daughters can still get on the flight’ but what were they meant to do when they got there? I didn’t know what we were going to do, I can’t afford to pay for three or four new flights.’

Rules written by Tui state all passengers over six must wear a face mask throughout any flight.  

TUI apologised to Charlotte and reversed its decision after being contacted by The Sun.

Ms Snook received this letter from Tui a day after arriving at her all-inclusive holiday in Turkey

Charlotte Snook worked at Scunthorpe General Hospital during the coronavirus pandemic 

A spokeswoman told MailOnline: ‘After receiving further information following the flight, we have decided to allow Ms Snook to travel on her planned inbound flight home and she has been notified of this. 

‘Our crew report from the flight reported that Ms Snook was given multiple reminders to wear her mask. We’re sorry for any confusion caused.

‘It is incredibly important for passengers to follow all instructions given by our cabin crew as this is for the health and safety of everyone onboard. Passengers are informed prior to travel and on their flight that they have to wear masks throughout and they are asked to limit movement around the cabin. Masks can only be removed when consuming food and drink or if a customer is medically exempt.

The health and safety of our passengers is our highest priority.

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