New PM Liz Truss targets 3 urgent priorities to fix Britain and promises 'together we can ride out the storm' | The Sun

LIZ Truss tonight vowed "together we can ride out the storm" as she outlined three urgent priorities to fix Britain.

In her first speech outside No10, the newly-appointed Prime Minister promised to make Britain an "aspiration nation".

She also vowed to take action THIS WEEK on spiralling energy bills.

Ms Truss said: "I will get Britain working again. I have a bold plan to grow the economy through tax cuts and reform.

"I will cut taxes to reward hard work and boost business led growth and investment.

"I will drive reform in my mission to get the United Kingdom working building and growing."

On the NHS, the PM pledged to make sure Brits can "get doctors appointments and the NHS services they need".

As she addressed the nation, Ms Truss was watched on by her MP supporters, advisers and husband Hugh O'Leary.

Ms Truss will begin appointing members of her Cabinet imminently.

She was officially appointed Britain's 56th premier by the Queen this afternoon during a ceremony at Balmoral before being whisked back to Westminster.

Ms Truss is understood to be drawing up plans for a freeze in bills which could cost around £100 billion.

The 96-year-old Queen beamed as she greeted the 15th premier of her record reign this afternoon.

The ceremony combined almost a century of precedent with a historic first as Her Majesty anoints her first premier from Balmoral. 

Earlier outgoing Prime Minister BoJo branded himself a "booster rocket that has fulfilled its function" in his final speech as PM.

And his doting wife Carrie Johnson, 34, held hands with him as he stepped out of No10 to address the nation.

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  • Noa Hoffman

    Andrew Stephenson out as Tory Chair

    The Conservative Party Chairman Andrew Stephenson has been given the boot.

    He took over from Oliver Dowden, who stepped down after the Tories suffered two by-election defeats in Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton.

    Red Wall supremo Jake Berry is expected to take over.

  • Noa Hoffman

    Welcome Home

    Liz has been welcomed to her new home and office by No10 staff.

    Credit: Andrew Parsons / No10 Downing Street
  • Noa Hoffman

    Bye Bye Barclay

    Health Secretary Steve Barclay has also got the sack.

    After serving in the Cabinet across seven years he'll be reminded of what life is like on the backbenches when Parliament sits tomorrow.

  • Noa Hoffman

    Shapps OUT

    Grant Shapps has been fired as Transport Secretary, as Liz's Cabinet reshuffle gets underway.

    The Sunak backer tweeted that he looks forward to being a "strong, independent voice on the backbenches".

  • Noa Hoffman

    Raab takes a back seat

    Dominic Raab, who was Deputy PM and Justice Secretary under Boris, is headed for the backbenches.

    The Sunak supporter was not expected to land a role in Liz's new Cabinet.

    In a tweet he wished the new PM "good luck" in the job.

  • Noa Hoffman

    Cabinet Calling

    Liz is expected to formally appoint members of her top table any moment now.

    Kwasi Kwarteng is expected to be promoted to Chancellor, while James Cleverley is headed for Foreign Secretary and Suella Braverman Home Secretary.

  • Noa Hoffman

    'My three priorities'

    During her speech, Liz said her three priorities as PM are cutting taxes, dealing with the energy crisis and fixing the NHS.

    The PM vowed: "I will make sure that people can get doctor's appointments and the NHS services they need.

    "We will put our health service on a firm footing by delivering on the economy, on energy and on the NHS.

    "We will put our nation on the path to long term success."

    Credit: Reuters
  • Noa Hoffman

    Aspiration Nation

    Truss has promised to turn Britain into an "aspiration nation".

    She will focus on creating high paying jobs, safe streets, and a country where everyone everywhere has the opportunities they deserve.

    Credit: Reuters
  • Noa Hoffman

    Truss will take action THIS WEEK on energy bills

    Liz vowed to deal with spiralling energy bills THIS WEEK.

    She said: "I will deal hands on with the energy crisis caused by Putin's war.

    "I will take action this week to deal with energy bills to secure our future energy supply."

    Credit: Reuters
  • Noa Hoffman

    Truss says we have what it takes to tackle Britain's challenges

    Liz has said "we have what it takes to tackle challenges" facing Britain.

    In her debut speech she's vowed: "We will transform Britain".

    Credit: Reuters
  • Noa Hoffman

    The lectern is back outside again

    Following a few minutes of heavy rain, the Downing Street podium has been moved outside No10 for the second time this afternoon.

    Liz's motorcade is in central London and will hit Downing Street any minute now.

    MPs and journalist who moved to find shelter have come back outside.

  • Noa Hoffman

    Speech podium moved indoors

    The speech lectern outside No10 has been moved indoors after it started pelting down with rain in Westminster.

    Downing Street was packed with hundreds of MPs and journalists, who are now moving to find shelter.

  • Natasha Clark

    Ready to go

    Team Truss are in prime position as they wait for her to arrive in Downing Street in the next few minutes.

    Our Political Editor, Harry Cole, is in the street to watch the action.

  • Natasha Clark


    The weather forecast in London for the next few hours is… not good.

    As journalists, MPs and broadcasters line the street in No10, we hope they've got a brolly with them.

  • Noa Hoffman

    Truss tears down the motorway

    Liz's motorcade is currently tearing down the motorway en route to Downing Street.

    Stormy weather conditions in Scotland delayed the PM's arrival at Balmoral Castle, but she should arrive at Downing Street any moment.

  • Natasha Clark


    Liz-backer, Dehenna, and a crew of fellow Tories are making their way into Downing Street too.

  • Noa Hoffman

    Hot Podium Guy is back

    A "hot" member of Downing Street staff responsible for setting up the PM's speech podium has had a busy day today.

    He's begun setting up for Liz's debut speech as PM, which should begin in the next 20 minutes.

  • Noa Hoffman

    Truss touchdown

    Liz' plane arriving back in London

    Liz has touched down in London after visiting the Queen at Balmoral Castle to be appointed PM.

    She will now make her way to Downing Street to deliver her first speech as an occupant of No10.

  • Noa Hoffman

    Rishi returns

    Rishi Sunak has made his first contribution in Parliament as a backbench MP.

    Mr Sunak surprised colleagues when he showed up to a Westminster Hall debate on unavoidably small hospitals.

    The ex-Chancellor said: "Thank you for accommodating me at a late stage in this debate. I hadn't planned on speaking, but this morning I saw the order paper and it turned out I had more time on my hands than I had anticipated."

  • Noa Hoffman

    Kemi Badenoch set for a Cabinet seat

    A favourite among Tory members, Kemi Badenoch is looking set to be given a seat at Liz's top table.

    The Sun understands she's being touted for the role of Trade Secretary, taking over from Anne-Marie Trevelyan who may be moved to Transport.

  • Noa Hoffman

    Donelan for Culture Secretary?

    Michelle Donelan, who spent a few days as Education Secretary in July, is rumoured to replace Nadine Dorries as Culture Secretary.

    Penny Mordaunt is now being tipped to take on the Education Secretary brief.

  • Noa Hoffman

    Tea with Nads

    Boris Johnson's top lieutenant Nadine Dorries has tweeted a photo of herself having tea with the ex-PM early this morning.

    Ms Dorries was offered to stay on as Culture Secretary under PM Truss but she turned down the offer.

    The MP is expected to be awarded a peerage by Boris Johnson, triggering a by-election in her Mid Bedforshire constituency.

  • Jack Elsom

    IDS declines Truss job offer

    Former Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith has declined a job offer from Liz Truss.

    The early Truss backer had been tipped as the next Leader of the Commons in her Cabinet.

    But he told the BBC this lunchtime: "I have been offered (a job) and said I won't be taking it up. I'm going back to the backbenches again."

  • Jack Elsom

    A tweet from the Royal Family

    Buckingham Palace has put out a tweet formally announcing Liz Truss as the new PM.

    Ms Truss' official title is Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Union.

  • Jack Elsom

    Who will be in Liz Truss’ Cabinet?

    Liz Truss is expected to promote several of her key allies to top jobs when she names her Cabinet this afternoon.

    None of the four most senior posts in government are expected to be held by white men.

    Her Cabinet could include:
    Kwasi Kwarteng – Chancellor
    James Cleverly – Foreign Secretary
    Suella Braverman – Home Secretary
    Therese Coffey – Deputy PM and Health Secretary

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