New Jersey’s coronavirus death toll adds nearly 2,000 probable fatalities

New Jersey’s coronavirus death toll climbed by nearly 2,000 Thursday — after the state began recording probable fatalities from the bug.

The state added 1,854 fatalities that were deemed likely due to COVID-19, but were not confirmed by a test, to its tally — bringing the total coronavirus death count in New Jersey to 14,872, reported. Of those, 13,018 deaths were confirmed cases.

“We’re not the only state which has been grappling with how best to draw a complete picture of COVID-19′s impacts,” Gov. Phil Murphy said during a press briefing Thursday, according to the news outlet.

“And, in one day, we are significantly adding to the already weighty toll this pandemic has had on our state, and on so many families,” said Murphy. “And, as I noted, we report this out of nothing else than a solemn sense of duty.”

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