Mum warns Mrs Hinch fans about the danger of her favourite disinfectant after suffering a horrific allergic reaction

A MUM has warned fans of the dangers of cleaning guru Mrs Hinch's favourite disinfectant product after after suffering a horrific allergic reaction.

Ever since Mrs Hinch shot to fame in 2018, Zoflora disinfectant has become something of a cult cleaning product.

But Andrea Brown, 26, who runs popular Instagram Lets Hinch and Be Happy, had to be rushed to A&E after her face swelled up after some Zoflora came into contact with her face.

Posting on Instagram, she wrote: "The irritation behind my nose honestly was extremely sore.

“The back of my throat was on fire and the irritation to my teeth made me feel they were honestly about to fall out. I rang the doctors who told me to get to A&E straight away. 

The Belfast mum-of-one said she was sharing her ordeal in a bid to highlight the dangers of the popular disinfectant when used incorrectly.

Andrea explained how the accident happened in a store when she tried to smell the new scent released by Zoflora and grabbed a box down from the shelf.

She said the lid was not put on correctly and the Zoflora bottle went all over her facemask, up her nose and into her eyes.

“It's unfortunately a lesson learnt for myself and hopefully others that we should not smell cleaning products in store,” she told Belfast Live.

"We are all guilty of wanting to smell the newest scent but this accident has made me aware of the implications on how dangerous products are.

“With using Zoflora for many years now I knew that on the box it was advised that if in contact with skin rinse with cold water immediately and that’s exactly what I did.

“I bought 6 bottles of water, got outside the shop and threw the bottles of water over my face but the irritation continued."

Andrew went to A&E in Dundonald where she was treated by a “fantastic” doctor and was told that her eyelashes and lid helped prevent serious long-term damage to her eyes.

She said the accident was “in no way” the fault of Zoflora or the store but said she wanted to warn others.

A Zoflora spokesperson said the product contains warnings about it coming into contact with skin or eyes and it should be handled with care.

The company said "we strongly urge" users not to smell before buying the product, which can produce allergic reactions.

"We are always very sorry to hear of any incident relating to Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant.

"We appreciate it when consumers help to raise awareness regarding using Zoflora safely, and the importance of reading the warnings and on pack instructions on cleaning products.

"Zoflora has a history of safe usage in households spanning almost 100 years, and we must state at the outset that our products comply with all safety, packaging and labelling regulations relating to disinfectants, and their sale to the public."

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