MTA Overtime King Thomas Caputo to rescind not guilty plea in federal fraud case

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MTA “Overtime King” Thomas Caputo — who pleaded not guilty in February to charges he conspired with coworkers to collect massive amounts of illegitimate pay — has requested a hearing to change his plea, court papers show.

Caputo wants a conference as early as July 20 to reverse his earlier plea, said Audrey Strauss, the US Attorney for the Southern District, in a letter Tuesday to Judge Paul Engelmayer.

Caputo, a former LIRR track inspector, is accused of reaping thousands of dollars in pay for time he did not work by taking advantage of what the MTA Inspector General’s Office has called an “honor system” for reporting hours.

Caputo, now 57, earned $461,000 in 2018 alone — more than any other MTA employee that year, including the agency’s chairman, The Post reported in 2019.

Those earnings included an unfathomable 3,864 overtime hours, averaging out to 10 hours of OT for all 365 days of the year, according to prosecutors.

Investigators allege Caputo was nowhere near work on multiple occasions while collecting OT — including at least two times he spent bowling in Suffolk County.

He and four other LIRR staffers and ex-employees allegedly “worked together to fraudulently claim pay for hours they did not work by … covering for one another’s absences,” court papers say.

Caputo retired in 2019 amid the probe but has continued to receive pension payments from the MTA — including $144,000 in the year leading up to his arrest in December.

A lawyer for Caputo did not return a request for comment.

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