Moment police break up outdoor exercise session as group lift weights

Moment up to seven police officers break up outdoor exercise session as Lycra-clad group lift weights and workout to music in street

  • At least seven police officers are seen shutting down a gathering outside a gym
  • Incident took place outside a gym in Wych Elm, Harlow, Essex, on Sunday
  • Essex Police say those in attendance ‘left peacefully’ after regulations explained

Footage shows the moment a group of people working out in a makeshift gym on an industrial site are broken up by police. 

At least seven masked officers can be seen infiltrating the group exercise session which took place outside a gym in Wych Elm, Harlow, Essex, on Sunday.

Earlier this month Ripped Gym in Wych Elm, Harlow, Essex, was shutdown by 15 police officers after posts on its social media page appeared to show the gym was open on November 5 in the face of new lockdown laws.  

In the clip, taken by a witness at the scene and posted to social media yesterday, loud music can be heard blaring from a parked car while members of the group lift weights and stay socially distanced.

Some people were also seen wearing T-shirts labelled ‘Ripped Gym’. 

Despite the officers’ presence several members of the group continued their exercise routine, with a child seen in the background lifting a bar.

Essex Police said in a statement: ‘We attended an unauthorised event in Wych Elm, Harlow on Sunday 8 November.

‘Our officers engaged with those in attendance and explained the new regulations and they left peacefully.’

No arrests were made. 

Gym goers were stopped from an outdoor exercise session by a group of five police officers, at premises in Harlow, Essex, despite there being a national lockdown

 Loud music can be heard blaring from a parked car while members of the group lift weights and stay socially distanced

One man then approached the officers and whipped out his phone to film them as they stood near the gym-goers.

The man engaged in a heated argument with the officers saying ‘fine the organiser’ over and over, and one woman was heard repeatedly asking: ‘What’s the problem?’ 

Meanwhile a man says that this is his private property and challenges the officers.

Exercise equipment including weights and yoga mats can be seen scattered across the floor nearby.

Exercise is encouraged under the covid-19 lockdown regulations however rules clearly state this kind of gathering is banned

Some gym goers continued to lift weights even after police turned up to shut down the gathering

Britain is currently in a second national lockdown meaning people should stay at home where at all possible.

Exercise is encouraged however rules clearly state this kind of gathering is banned.

Information on the government website clearly states: ‘In general, you must not meet with another person socially or undertake any activities with another person.

‘However, you can exercise or meet in a public, outdoors space with people you live with, your support bubble (or as part of a childcare bubble), or with one other person.’ 

Some criticised the police – especially after Extinction Rebellion protestors were yesterday allowed to erect a banner at London’s Cenotaph without being challenged.

Social media users took to Twitter to criticise the actions of police in the video

Andres said: ‘But police can’t be arsed stopping XR nutters vandalising the Cenotaph.’

One said: ‘They’re outside in groups of their households I imagine and doing some exercise. What rules are they breaking?’

MrY_Hackney said: ‘The police are more close together than the people working out.’

Notorious Celt said: ‘Getting beyond a f****** joke this.’

Know Eye Deer added: ‘Slow crime day? This is nonsensical.’

Another said: ‘Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.’

But one watcher said: ‘Good. Stick to the rules.’  

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