McDonald's worker reveals why you shouldn't order a McChicken at 4am in TikTok video

IF YOU'RE hungry at 4am, don't go to McDonald's for a McChicken, one of the eatery's workers has warned.

And that's because it's when the chain begins offering breakfast – meaning the menu has changed.

TikTok user fuzzjacq revealed the biggest issues faced by staff during early-hours shifts, from customer abuse to overheating machines.

In footage uploaded to the popular video app, the worker asked customers to be patient and wait their turn.

And she said she's got lots to do, even during the earliest shifts – so people should follow some basic rules.

Her biggest tip to customers was not to order a McChicken at 4am – because it's when the breakfast menu starts.

She said: "If I ever tell you that I can't do a shake or a sundae because the machine is in heating, it means the machine is in heating and spitting out hot liquid. 

"I cannot serve that to you."

The McDonald's worker also spoke out about being abused by impatient customers.

"I actually have a lot of jobs and detailed cleaning that I need to get done," she said.

"I don't stand around all night doing absolutely nothing.

"Please don't tell me I'm being lazy if I'm in the middle of a job."

And she urged customers to stay patient if they turn up late at night to find no one standing in the cashier window.


"I am the only one on the floor so I may not be able to get to the window very quickly," she said.

"I might be serving someone on counter, or I might be doing something else.

"Please just wait at the cashing window."

It comes as a former worker shared the "secrets" she learned while working for the fast food giant – including how to get the freshest food.

Former US employee and TikTok user Dessy Joseph claims asking for “customisations” is the best way to get the freshest food as staff have to make your order from scratch.

This can be as simple as asking for no cheese, she says.

And a Wetherspoon chef has shared videos on how he makes curries and fry-ups on TikTok.

The user posted a clip showing how he prepares a ready-made korma in the microwave – with one viewer telling him “you’re ruining Spoons for everyone”.

Chef J Salsa, who joked that he does not get “paid enough” as he reheated a plastic packet of rice and cooked a naan on the grill, has since been suspended from the chain.

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