Lord Bath's 'wifelet' being kicked out of Longleat manor by his son after she was left nothing by aristocrat in will

A "WIFELET" of eccentric womaniser Lord Bath claims she is being kicked out of Longleat after his lovers were snubbed in his will.

The 87-year-old, who owned Longleat Safari Park, died of Covid in April last year leaving a huge £14.4million legacy.

But he snubbed his harem of 74 "wifelets" in his will and instead left most of his fortune to his wife Anna, 77, and his three children.

Now Trudi Juggernauth-Sharma, who was wifelet number 68, claims she is being booted out of her home on the Longleat estate by her lover's son, Ceawlin Thynn, the eighth Marquess of Bath.

The former model, 61, has been living in the cottage since 1998 and says she was Lord Bath's most favoured mistress.

Trudi told The Times: "Ceawlin doesn’t have to take on his father’s wifelets, I do understand but I thought he would be a bit more lenient towards me because I was different and he knew I really cared for his father.

"In his will he didn’t say take the cottages back from my girlfriends. I thought at least I would be able to use the cottage for as long as I want.”

The nurse, who has been working on the Covid frontline, said she realised she would never receive a "huge amount of money" from her lover.

But Trudi feels she deserved "some recognition" after being told by pals she was "one of the most important people in his life”.

She has revealed how she six of Lord Bath's lovers were living in cottages around the estate when she arrived.

The "perishingly cold" home didn't have central heating until 2008 and a shower was only installed five years ago.

Before her time at Longleat, Trudi was working as a successful model across Europe while moonlighting as a temp nurse in London.

But she fell in love with the madcap aristocrat, who "fought off" other men who showed her an interest.

She believes she was the "only person in his eyes" despite his dozens of lovers and didn't mind sharing him.

But she insists there was no "74 women in a harem” myth with orgies and sex parties.

Trudi added: "It couldn’t be further from the truth. I never was in a threesome, though if anyone wanted to do it they were free to do it.

"I felt very sorry for him that he was so wrongly portrayed.”

Lord Bath married Anna in 1969 but had an open love life, which saw him build up an army of mistresses.

He would spend time between them and was dubbed The Loins of Longleat.

He bequeathed Anna £1million while the rest of his estate, including his art collection, was put in trust for her, their children and for the upkeep of Longleat in Wiltshire.

Ceawlin became the 8th Marquess of Bath after his father's death but has been running the estate since 2010 with Strictly star wife Emma.

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