Kellyanne Conway looks incredible after flawless makeover and viewers say she looks ‘10 years younger’ – The Sun

WHEN senior White House advisor Kellyanne Conway appeared in a TV interview on Monday, it was hard not to notice her makeover.

Conway's look left many people speculating about what her secret is after she appeared on Fox News this week.

The 53-year-old advisor to President Donald Trump had radiant-looking smooth skin, contoured makeup and full-bodied curls in her hair.

Essentially, Conway was looking fabulous.

The look had quite a few viewers speculating online about how the White House staffer managed to get such a top-notch makeover in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Twitter users were quick to offer explanations for how Conway managed to look so youthful and refreshed.

While some suggested she may have been getting more sleep, others guessed she had treated herself to a new hairstyle.

Some even speculated a filter may be contributing to Conway's look – while others suspected that she achieved that glow in some other way.

"In Hollywood, I believe we call that 'refreshed,'" actress Kristen Johnson tweeted in response to Conway's new look, implying that the White House staffer may have gotten more than just a haircut and a top-notch makeup artist.

"She is unrecognizable," Journalist Elizabeth Vargas replied.

Still, others came to Conway's defense – including former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

"Don't you love these Hollywood & other far left ppl ripping @KellyannePolls for her looks and alleged plastic surgery when normally they are lecturing the rest of us on how these things are STRICTLY OFF LIMITS for any decent member of society? (Unless the target is a Republican?)," Kelly wrote.

When questioned by the New York Post about her alleged makeover, Conway chose not to address it – instead saying she has been at the White House "consistently throughout the pandemic and task force activities."

She did add a, "thank you, though," to the publication for pointing out her flawless on-camera look.

The fact that Washington, D.C., where Conway says she is spending her time, is still in a relatively early stage of the re-opening process amid the pandemic also led people to question how the White House staffer even got a makeover.

Washington, D.C., is currently in phase 1 of the re-opening process. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser said the District is on track to begin phase 2 on Monday, according to the Washington Post. Personal services like salons and barbershops are part of that phase 2 plan, meaning that patrons would once again be able to get things like haircuts and other beauty services, while maintaining very specific safety measures.

While there's no information on how Conway got herself a makeover, commenters all seem to agree that it certainly suits her.

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