Italy sees 3,786 new coronavirus infections

Italy sees 3,786 new coronavirus infections – nearly 50% higher than previous day’s increase and the largest rise for four days

  • Deaths in Italy increased by 525 today, but this was down from 578 day before
  • The number of infections increased to 3,786, from 2,667 the previous day 
  • The new infections will concern the government as they open the economy
  • Learn more about how to help people impacted by COVID

Italy has recorded 3,786  new people infected by coronavirus – nearly 50 per cent higher than the previous day’s increase and the largest rise for four days.

Deaths from the epidemic in Italy increased by 525 today, but this was down from 578 the day before.

But the number of cases accelerated sharply  to 3,786, from the previous day total of 2,667 – a 1,119 increase. Italy now has a total of 168,941 confirmed infections.

The daily death toll was the lowest since Sunday, while the tally of new infections was the highest since Sunday.

The country that was once the epicentre of European infections and was seeing the rate of infections and deaths stabilise, sparking authorities to reopen parts of the economy.

The sharp increase in infections today will concern the government as they start to open up the Italian economy – despite strict restrictions put in place on March 9 still in force.

On Tuesday shoppers were back on the streets in Austria and Italy as Europe took its first cautious steps out of the coronavirus lockdown.

Italy is opening a handful of stores including bookshops and stationery shops in a trial to see how social distancing measures can work after the lockdown, which otherwise remains in force.

However, some regions have chosen not to take full advantage. Bookshops will not open for another week in Rome and will stay closed altogether in Lombardy. 

In Venice, residents in mandatory face masks ventured out to see quiet streets and canals that once thronged with selfie-stick wielding tourists.  

The Italian Red Cross ambulance during the transport of a Covid19 patient in Catania today

‘I bought many books,’ Venetian Catrina told a reporter after visiting one of the city’s bookshops, which were allowed to reopen this week.

‘I needed them. Like an addict — for something of substance.’

Switzerland announced an easing of restrictions, with some shops and services — including beauty salons and DIY stores — allowed to resume business from April 27.

Germany also announced initial steps to reopen some shops and gradually restart schools, Denmark began reopening schools for younger children after a month-long closure and Finland lifted a blockade of Helsinki.

The total death toll in Italy since the outbreak came to light on February 21 rose to 22,170, the Civil Protection Agency said, the second highest in the world after that of the United States.

The number of officially confirmed cases climbed to 168,941, the third highest global tally behind those of the United States and Spain.

There were 2,936 people in intensive care on Thursday against 3,079 on Wednesday — a 13th consecutive daily decline.

Of those originally infected, 40,164 were declared recovered against 38,092 a day earlier.

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