Italian duo display rooftop rally between their homes during lockdown

Watch out for those drop shots! Italian duo display incredible rooftop rally between their homes during lockdown

  • The footage shows a pair of players rallying a ball between balconies in Italy 
  • The neighbours manage to return every every shot as they play in quarantine
  • Italy has been in lockdown since March 9 in a bid to curb its Covid-19 cases 

A pair of would-be tennis players in Italy have been filmed playing a match between their rooftops while in quarantine. 

The footage, posted on Reddit and titled ‘Can’t play tennis in this quarantine? Think again’ shows a woman dressed in sports leggings and a white jacket while standing on her wide, rooftop terrace.  

A videographer films the woman rallying shots back and worth with her female neighbour opposite in the 20-second footage. 

It is believed the game took place in the comune of Finale Legure in northern Italy.

The woman darts around the balcony and manages to return every shot. At one moment her racket nearly hits the camera as she races to meet the ball.  

One Reddit user joked:  ‘I would get too serious… go for a shot I shouldn’t and end up over the ledge.’

Italy has been under lockdown longer than any other European country after a nationwide quarantine was imposed on March 9 as the country was devastated by the virus. 

The country has seen almost 176,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19, the third highest in the world behind the US and Spain.

It has also recorded more than 23,000 deaths, second only to the US.

While people are still allowed to venture outside of houses for solitary exercise it would seem these neighbours prefer to work out together from the comfort of their own homes. 

But in recent days Italy as seen a downtrend in daily deaths and diagnoses of coronavirus, meaning the country is now easing some of its lockdown measures. A limited number of book and baby clothes shops alongside some agricultural businesses have been allowed to reopen. 

Officials have spoken of a ‘phase two’ in which Italy learns to ‘live with the virus’ until a vaccine is developed, which is likely to be months away at least.

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