How will Sun readers ever afford £50,000 per household for Net Zero by 2050?

Come clean

NO wonder the Government kept quiet. The bill for Boris Johnson’s “Net Zero by 2050” pledge will be £1.4trillion.

That’s equivalent to £50,000 per household.

The Sun also wants a cleaner, greener future. But while politicians can afford such sums, especially over time, ­millions not on £82,000 a year can’t.

Officials say greater energy efficiency will save us money.

Fine, except they also plan a new tax on top of the pricey electric cars and heat pumps we’ll need.

Even then, our efforts will remain globally insignificant while China keeps building or funding a new coal-fired power plant each WEEK.

The Government must be upfront. Our Covid debt is vast. Now we face higher taxes and massive Net Zero bills.

How will Sun readers ever afford it?

Priti powerless

No one envies Priti Patel tackling illegal migrants arriving on our beaches. Even so, nothing she is doing is working.

Letting border officials board Channel boats is useless unless France agrees to take the occupants back.

Detaining them off-shore, a genuine deterrent, has merit. But plans seem in their infancy.

The Home Secretary’s reputation is battered with every boat that lands.

Voters who backed Leave partly to control our borders are aghast at our impotence.

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