Fuming walkers sign petition to ban nudists from Robin Hood’s famous Sherwood Forest

SHOCKED walkers want nudists in Robin Hood’s famous Sherwood Forest home outlawed.

A petition aims to stop naked merry men running amok on the legendary swordsman’s patch.

The historic Nottinghamshire woodland is hugely popular with ramblers because of its links with the English folklore hero and pal Little John.

But a female cyclist says she was flashed at by a perv pleasuring himself in bushes.

And her husband said: “Nudists have started walking around in groups of up to 12 men.

"My wife used to regularly jog around the forest, but stopped when she came across this group of men."

RSPB managers say naturism is discouraged there but tolerated if well-behaved in the adjoining Budby reserve.

But the husband claims nudists wander into the busier areas, alarming other visitors.

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