Fotis Dulos meticulously planned his suicide, police report reveals

Fotis Dulos, the Connecticut luxury home developer who was accused of killing his wife, planned his own suicide in meticulous detail, according to a police report obtained by The Hartford Courant.

On Jan. 28, Dulos stuffed the openings in his garage door with Styrofoam and used duct tape to fasten a vacuum hose to the tailpipe of his SUV, according to the 19-page Farmington police report, detailing the suicide of the prime suspect in the murder of his estranged wife Jennifer Farber Dulos.

The New Canaan mother of five disappeared a year ago Sunday. The couple had been enmeshed in a lengthy and bitter divorce.

Before heading to his car for the last time, Dulos, who had been formally accused of killing his wife weeks earlier, spoke to three people — his lawyer, a bail bondsman and his new girlfriend, Anna Curry, the report says.

Dulos was scheduled to appear that day in a Stamford court where he faced the prospect of returning to prison if his $6 million bond was revoked. When he failed to show for up for the hearing, police rushed to his home, where they found him slumped in the front seat of his Chevrolet Suburban.

“I looked in the window of the door and saw that the windows of the Suburban were fogged up and suspected that someone was inside the vehicle,” wrote Lt. Sean Bailey. “I could see a haze in the garage that appeared to be vehicle exhaust.”

Bailey and another officer forced the garage door open.

“Dulos’ skin was gray, he was not breathing, and appeared lifeless,” Bailey wrote.

Dulos never recovered consciousness, and died of carbon monoxide poisoning two days later at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx.

In the report, police also say that Curry was at Dulos’ home at some point on the morning of his suicide. The couple had planned to drive together to the Stamford court house, but Dulos changed his mind and said that they would drive separately, the report says.

As Curry made her way to Stamford, she received a call from Kevin Smith, an attorney representing Dulos, asking where his client was. She told him that he was driving ahead of her, but the lawyer informed her that the Dulos’ GPS tracker indicated that he was still at his home.

“Anna said that, at that moment, she knew that Fotis must have done something to harm himself,” the police report says. But she did not call 911 and asked the attorney to make the call, the police report says.

Later, an officer could hear Curry speaking on the phone.

“While we were in the cruiser, Anna was making several calls to people close to Fotis and advising them of what was happening,” said Douglas Frink. In one of the calls, “Anna told the other person, ‘He wanted to do this!’ ”

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