Florida sicko, 47, 'got 3 kids pregnant & sexually abused fourth teen girl he met on Facebook' after getting out of jail

A MAN who impregnated three underage girls met another teenager on Facebook and sexually abused her after being released from jail, reports say.

Travis Butler, 47, allegedly admitted to molesting an underage girl he connected with on the social media network in 2019 and was sentenced to life in prison on Friday.

Butler, of Pensacola, Florida, abused the girl without her parents knowing in summer 2019 and apparently intended to bring another pedophile to participate, according to Metro. 

Prosecutor Larry Keefe on Friday said Butler “is a sexual predator who has repeatedly victimized underage girls for his own purposes.”

“He has inflicted harm on far too many girls, but his trail of devastated young lives will come to an end behind bars,” Keefe said. 

He was previously convicted for child sex abuse and three of the victims became pregnant. 

In a sentencing hearing for getting a girl under 16 years old pregnant in 2006, details emerged that she was the third child that Butler had impregnated. 

It was not clear if the impregnated victims gave birth.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children found messages Butler sent to his most recent victim and advised cops about the matter.

Local police obtained search warrants for several of Butler’s social media accounts with “troves of evidence” including images of him abusing the kids.

He apparently told the victim to take photos of herself and send them to him.

Butler was arrested in November 2019 and admitted to enticing minor for sexual activity as well as producing child pornography. 

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