Dozens of UFO sightings reported by Canadian military dating back 70 YEARS after officers spotted 'bright' objects

DOZENS of UFO sightings have been reported by the Canadian military over the last 70 years.

Officers described seeing alien-like "bright" objects flying faster than fighter jets in documents dating back to the early 1950s.

A VICE World News investigation found almost seven decades worth of extraterrestrial related cases involving the Canadian forces after trawling through information requests, public records, and exclusive interviews.

The sightings took place at military bases and include "an orange pulsating symmetrical light" witnessed silently speeding over Ottawa by a pair of Air Force officers in March 1950. 

Two years later in April 1952, two officers at CFB North Bay spotted something "apparently round" like "an amber traffic light" which moved at a "very great rate of speed – comparable to twice the speed of an F-86 fighter jet" which could reach 650mph.

It then "skidded to a stop, reversed direction and disappeared", the officers claimed.

In another incident in November 1967, a sergeant at CFB Moose Jaw reported "a very bright light" at an altitude of 3,000 to 4,000 feet which soared upward.

Other "bright objects" were spotted by Canadian Navy crew on a pair of destroyers in the Pacific in 1968, and a "zigzagging white spot, turning blue and red" above Ontario's CFB Borden base in 1978.

John Patrick McManus claims he spotted a UFO at CFB Shilo in Manitoba, telling VICE: "Within a moment or two it shot directly away from us, diminishing in brightness as it disappeared at a fantastic speed."

Meanwhile John 'Jock' Williams described a similar sighting at CFB Winnipeg, saying it was "the single brightest object I've ever seen in the sky next to the sun".

More recent sightings were of a "large tubular object" tracked by radar in 2002 and a "UFO" east of Regina, Saskatchewan, in 2008, reported by Canadian Armed Forces personnel to civilian air traffic controllers.

One "intense light" sighting in 2007 had dozens of witnesses and was even captured on video – but this has not been made public.

A spokesperson for Canada's Department of National Defence told Vice that it is "not aware of any Canadian nexus or participation in the U.S. Department of Defense's UFO studies at this time, nor does the Canadian Armed Forces have a unit dedicated to investigating UFOs".

The revelations come ahead of the highly anticipated UFO report which is expected to reveal everything the US government knows about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

The unclassified report will examine if UAPs constitute a threat to US airspace, according to Deadline.

It's also expected that recommendations for further UFO research and funding will be included within the dossier.

Pentagon officials last year took the unprecedented step to release a trio of remarkable videos which showed "encounters" with UFOs.

Perhaps the most striking was a video known as the “Tic Tac”.

Commander Dave Fravor and Lt. Commander Alex Dietrich were training with a strike group approximately 100 miles southwest of San Diego.

They were each flying F/A-18F fighter aircraft when they said they saw an anomalous object flying in their vicinity.

And more recently, chilling footage appears to show a US Navy warship being swarmed by 14 "spherical" UFOs travelling at up to 160mph.

The video was leaked to Jeremy Corbell, a documentary film maker, who has been behind a recent string of UFO footage.

Corbell posted the clip on his Instagram to his 200,000 followers, showing the USS Omaha's radar screen with audible chatter in the background from the crew.

Numerous objects can be seen swarming across the green and black screen in the ship's combat information centre.

He explained the July 15, 2019, encounter off the coast of San Diego lasted two hours from 9pm to 11pm and ended when one of the 6ft objects plunged into the ocean.

No wreckage was ever recovered from the scene when a US submarine went to investigate.

The documentary maker, who runs website Extraordinary Beliefs, claims still images from this footage were included in a briefing to the US's UFO task force.

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