‘Doomsday’ dad Chad Daybell pleads not guilty to hiding the bodies of cult mom Lori Vallow's two children

"DOOMSDAY" dad Chad Daybell has pleaded not guilty to hiding the bodies of cult mom Lori Vallow's two children.

Daybell has been charged with two felony counts of destruction, alteration or concealment of evidence after the remains were discovered two months ago.

The husband pleaded not guilty to the charges on Friday, the New York Post reported, that he faces up to 20 years in jail.

His wife Lori Vallow’s has been charged with two felony counts of desertion and nonsupport of dependent children, and one misdemeanor count each of resisting and obstructing an officer, solicitation of a crime and contempt.

She has also pleaded not guilty.

Daybell’s hearings, which began on earlier this month, have included testimony from the detectives who discovered Tylee and JJ's remains on the Idaho property in June after a monthslong search for the children.

FBI Agent Daniels said while searching, they found JJ's pelvic bone, which he said was a "major piece of evidence."

JJ’s body was found inside of a black plastic bag, and his arms, feet, and head were wrapped in duct tape.

The kids were last seen in September 2019, and on the day after Tylee was last seen alive, Daybell claimed he shot and buried a "big raccoon," according to authorities.

The FBI has said it found texts Daybell sent his late wife, Tammy, who died last year, on September 9, explaining to her what he was supposedly doing.

Cops said Daybell told his late wife that he buried a large raccoon in pet cemetery where the kids' bodies were found.

In court this month, FBI Special Agent Benjamin Dean said the texts were weird because it was the first time he saw Daybell explain details of his day.

He said previous messages between Daybell and his former wife read things like, "I love you" and "can't sleep without you."

The day cops searched his property in June, Daybell called Vallow in jail — and the audio was played in court on Tuesday.

"Are they seizing stuff again?" Vallow asks several times during the June 9 call from Madison County Jail, after Daybell tells her police are conducting a search at his property.

"Are you OK? What can I do for you?"

Daybell responds: "I'm not really supposed to be talking to you," before adding that he's "glad" she called.

The pair go on to repeatedly profess their love for each other.

Minutes later, investigators made the grisly discovery at Daybell's home.

When Vallow was first questioned about her missing children in November 2019, she told cops she was a "good person," audio of which the court heard earlier this month.

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