Dominic Cummings calls Carrie Johnson a 'wrong 'un';

Dominic Cummings says Boris ‘got a wrong’un pregnant’ and she ‘wants to control the UK via him’ in scathing attack blaming Carrie Johnson for the ‘inevitable disaster’ the PM is mired in – and says he will be ‘GONE by next year’

  • Ex-advisor to the PM has laid into Boris Johnson  and his wife Carrie in Q&A with blog followers this afternoon
  • He called Carrie an ‘inevitable’ disaster for the Tory leader, claiming that she is trying to run the country
  • ‘He’s a shambles but the shambles has been made worse by hooking up with a wrong un’, he said
  • On Boris: ‘I know 15 year-olds who’d do a better job at PM’ claiming he is only good at speeches and ‘bulls***’

Dominic Cummings today called his old boss Boris Johnson a ‘complete shambles’ who will be thrown out of No 10 ‘by next year’ and also blamed his wife Carrie for his perilous position, branding her a ‘wrong ‘un’ who ‘wants to control the country via him’.

The Prime Minister’s former chief aide, who left Downing Street last December after losing a power struggle with Mrs Johnson, claimed the decision by Mr Johnson to marry his third wife was an ‘inevitable disaster’.

In a Q&A on his blog, where he urged subscribers to ‘ask me anything’, he said: ‘He’s a shambles but the shambles has been made worse by hooking up with a wrong un [Carrie Johnson]who wants to control the country via him. He got a wrong un pregnant, listened to her insane advice/screaming, and went into a flat spin’. 

The renegade former civil servant said Boris ‘hasn’t heard the last’ of the Christmas party scandal, claiming there will be pictures proving it took place, and said that he knew teenagers who would be better at the job than the Prime Minister.

His extraordinary attack on the Prime Minister’s  wife came as she remained in hospital just 24 hours after giving birth to a baby girl.    

Mr Johnson, who became a father for the seventh time yesterday, is under pressure to quit over his handling of covid, allegations of multiple illegal Christmas parties and claims he lied about the funding of the lavish Downing Street flat refurbishment including £800-plus a roll gold wallpaper. 

He claimed Mr Johnson ‘throws everybody under the bus’ to save himself but predicted Tory MPs will wield the axe in 2022, adding: ‘I know 15 year-olds who would do a better job at PM in all ways than Boris, except giving a speech – he cant actually do anything other than the words/bullsh*t side of things’. 

‘He’s done, gone by this time next year, probably summer’, he said.

Dominic Cummings left Downing Street after losing a battle with Carrie Johnson, who he called an ‘inevitable disaster’ for the Prim Minister

Mr Cummings ran a Q&A on his paid-for blog where he laid into Carrie Johnson and said Mr Johnson’s relationship with her was an ‘inevitable disaster’

Mr Cummings said he didn’t regret working for the PM but again blamed his wife for some of his problems

The former chief advisor at No 10 said the issue of Christmas parties at No 10 will not go away – claiming Boris has been ‘lying’ about not knowing 

He also said that a 15-year-old would do a better job than Mr Johnson at being Prime Minister


November 13: Dominic Cummings alleges that the PM held a gathering at his grace-and-favour flat on November 13 last year, the day the adviser was ousted from Downing Street. Mr Cummings also suggested there had been ‘other flat parties’.    

November 27: The Prime Minister reportedly gave a speech at a packed Number 10 leaving do for a ‘senior aide’. Sources claimed that ’40 or 50 people’ were present.

December 18: Staff in Downing Street are believed to have held a Christmas party, with reports that dozens of people attended the event, some wearing festive jumpers and exchanging Secret Santa presents. London had been placed into Tier 3 restrictions on December 16 – the highest level of curbs on freedoms at the time which banned people from different households mixing indoors. Downing Street has said Boris Johnson did not attend the event.  

Also December: Sources told the BBC that a separate Christmas quiz event was held for Number 10 staff at some point in December. Everyone was apparently invited to attend and to form teams. One source said some people attended virtually via Zoom but others did attend in person and sat in groups of six. Downing Street has insisted the quiz was ‘virtual’. 


December 10: Then-education secretary Gavin Williamson hosted a Department for Education party for ‘up to 24 people’ on December 10. The gathering, which included food and drink, took place in the department’s canteen. The department has admitted the event happened.  

December 14: About 25 people gathered in the basement of the Conservative party’s Matthew Parker St offices in Westminster. The Times reported last night that advisers at Conservative campaign headquarters held an event with Shaun Bailey, the party’s unsuccessful candidate for mayor of London this May.  

Cummings was kicked out of No 10 following a confrontation with Boris Johnson and claims he briefed against his then fiancée, who his allies were alleged to have called her ‘Princess Nut Nut’. 

Tories today warned ‘patience is running out’ with Boris Johnson as his spin chief was dragged into the ‘partygate’ row, his sleaze watchdog demanded answers on the Downing Street flat refurbishment, and MPs revolt over Covid curbs.

The PM is fighting on a bewildering range of fronts, forced to deny losing confidence in Jack Doyle after claims he gave a speech and handed out prizes at a lockdown-busting and boozy festive gathering in Downing Street last year.

Mr Cummings insisted that he believed the Prime Minister knew about the Christmas party on December 18 2020, and may have even seen it unfolding if he wasn’t at Chequers.

He said: ‘He knew but I think did not attend, tho remember the geography – to get upstairs he has to walk past that area where he could see it’. 

‘Obv he was lying. There were invites sent across whitehall, it was an organised party. The trolley know this and tried to lie his way out but was f***ed by the video’ – a reference to the Allegra Stratton leak.

He added in a tweet: ‘There’s lots of pictures of the parties which will inevitably get out. And invite lists beyond No10, to other departments’. 

Mr Cummings alleged earlier this week there was a bash in No 10 on the evening of November 13 last year, hours after he was kicked out.

Today the Prime Minister apologised ‘unreservedly’ for the offence caused by the footage of his then-spokeswoman Allegra Stratton – who today resigned from the government – at a mock press conference about a party on December 18, 2020.

But he insisted that he had been repeatedly assured that ‘there was no party and that no Covid rules were broken’. Mr Johnson said he had asked Cabinet Secretary Simon Case ‘to establish all the facts and to report back as soon as possible – and it goes without saying that if those rules were broken then there will be disciplinary action for all those involved’.

Following the announcement, the PM’s former chief adviser tweeted: ‘Will the CABSEC also be asked to investigate the *flat* party on Fri 13 Nov, the other flat parties, & the flat’s ‘bubble’ policy…?’. The bubble reference is believed to be about the decision to allow Carrie Johnson’s best friend Nimco Ali at Number 10 over the festive period ‘to help support and look after’ the Johnsons’ son, Wilfred. 

Minutes later the PM was asked in the Commons about claims of a Downing St party in his flat after Mr Cummings left No 10. He replied. ‘No, but I’m sure that whatever happened the guidance was followed at all time.’ 

There are also claims that on November 27 that Mr Johnson reportedly gives a speech at a packed leaving do for a ‘senior aide’. ’40 or 50 people’ were present. The aide was named as one newspaper as Cleo Watson, Dominic Cummings’ protégé. 

The web of connections in Downing Street, which has been reeling from factional infighting during the coronavirus crisis that led to Team Cummings being broken up and booted out of No 10

‘Patience is running out’: Tories turn on PM as he backs spin chief accused of giving out prizes at ‘illegal’ Xmas party 

Tories today warned ‘patience is running out’ with Boris Johnson as his spin chief was dragged into the ‘partygate’ row, his sleaze watchdog demanded answers on the Downing Street flat refurbishment, and MPs revolt over Covid curbs.

The PM is fighting on a bewildering range of fronts, forced to deny losing confidence in Jack Doyle after claims he gave a speech and handed out prizes at a lockdown-busting festive gathering in Downing Street last year.

Meanwhile, the the row over the No11 residence is blazing again, following the Electoral Commission’s revelation that Mr Johnson personally messaged a Tory donor to ask for works to be underwritten. The premier’s spokesman said ministerial adviser on standards Lord Geidt is ‘liaising’ with officials over the disclosure, which contrasts with the peer’s previous report on the issue.

Tories are also in open revolt about new coronavirus restrictions to combat the surging Omicron strain, while long-running sleaze accusations appear to be hitting the party in the polls ahead of a crucial by-election in North Shropshire next week.

Despite his huge 80-strong majority won just two years ago, Mr Johnson – who must contend with sleepless nights after becoming a father again yesterday – is now facing serious speculation about his future.

Ex-Cabinet minister Andrew Mitchel warned that the ‘mood of the Conservative Party is sulphurous and we need to see some grip from No10’.

‘The history of the Tory Party is littered with ruthlessness on these occasions but I’m confident that Boris will get a grip,’ he told the BBC.

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, is treasurer of the powerful 1922 Committee of backbench MPs, delivered a thinly-veiled warning this morning, saying that Mr Johnson must stabilise the ship over Christmas.

‘He’s got to come clean on a lot of the issues that you mentioned in your opening news,’ the veteran MP said.

‘We’re all about to go for a Christmas break. If he comes back in the new year refreshed, able to differentiate between his private life and public life, and clarify all the issues and then start to do the really big issues that this country needs… we can really get onto that agenda away from these other, sort of, personal issues, then I think he’s fine.

‘But if we go on having these – what I call personal issues, issues of judgment by the Prime Minister – then I think that’s a very different scenario.’

A senior Tory source told MailOnline that there had been a lot of ‘unexploded bombs’ for Mr Johnson up to now.

‘When he spoke to the ’22 over sleaze he notably failed to get the audience back with his normal charm and wit and jovial manner,’ they said.

‘They didn’t respond to it, which was an indication that patience was running short. Now you’ve got this week.’

Mr Cummings has been accused of misogyny towards Carrie, a former Tory party communications chief he clashed with repeatedly until he left Downing Street last November. His allies were alleged to have referred to her as ‘Princess Nut Nut’, which enraged Mr Johnson and upset his then fiancee.

In May, the PM’s former top adviser pulled no punches as he repeatedly attacked Mr Johnson during a marathon evidence session with MPs into the Government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.

The joint session of the health and science select committees was punctuated by a series of astonishing claims which threaten to destabilise Mr Johnson’s premiership.

Mr Cummings stunned Westminster as he said he believed Mr Johnson was ‘unfit for the job’ of PM.

The Vote Leave maverick said it was ‘crackers’ that Mr Johnson ever ended up in Number 10 as he painted a picture of a vain and dithering figure who is obsessed with the media.

Mr Cummings told MPs that Mr Johnson kept changing his mind on what to do ‘every time the Telegraph wrote an editorial’.

He claimed Mr Johnson is ‘about a thousand times too obsessed with the media’ and argued it was no wonder pandemic communications had sometimes resembled a ‘disaster zone’ because the PM ‘changes his mind 10 times a day’. 

Boris Johnson was accused last night of lying to his own sleaze watchdog about the lavish makeover of the Downing Street flat.

An official report revealed that the Prime Minister had texted Tory donor Lord Brownlow asking for more cash more than a year ago.

But Mr Johnson previously assured Lord Geidt, the Independent Adviser on Ministers’ Interests, that he did not know who was paying for the £112,549 refurbishment at the time.

He could now face yet another probe into the ‘wallpapergate’ scandal, exposed by the Daily Mail, in the wake of the damning findings by the Electoral Commission.

The commission yesterday fined the Conservative Party £17,800 for breaking political finance law over the saga.

Downing Street insisted Mr Johnson had not lied to his adviser and said: ‘The Prime Minister has acted in accordance with the rules at all times and he acted following discussions with Lord Geidt. He has made all necessary declarations.’

But the PM was put under fresh pressure by his former right-hand man Dominic Cummings, who was in Downing Street when the expensive redecoration works were being planned for the living quarters above No 11.

He wrote on Twitter that he had told the PM ‘in extremely blunt and unrepeatable terms’ in January and the summer of 2020 that ‘his desire for secret donations to fund wallpaper etc was illegal and unethical’.

Mr Cummings said: ‘He pursued it throughout the year trying to keep me/others in dark and lied to Geidt/CCHQ [Conservative Party headquarters] to cover it up.’ He added: ‘I’ve said repeatedly for months: a) obviously PM lied to Geidt, b) Geidt could only conclude as he did by … not interviewing anybody actually involved with the flat!’

In February this year this newspaper told how Mr Johnson’s wife Carrie had been plotting against a ‘female Whitehall official who refused to sign off a large taxpayers’ bill for her refurbishment of the Downing Street flat, including expensive wallpaper’.

The Mail then revealed how secret plans had been hatched to get Tory donors to pay for the decoration by eco-friendly interior designer Lulu Lytle, as the PM privately complained he could not afford the ‘gold wallpaper’ Mrs Johnson was buying.

There was also a scheme to set up a charitable trust for the maintenance of the historic Downing Street buildings, with Tory donor Lord Brownlow made its chairman.

Cabinet Secretary Simon Case, who learned of the machinations through this newspaper, began investigating and passed his findings to ministerial watchdog Lord Geidt.

In May Lord Geidt cleared the PM of breaching the ministerial code, only saying that he had ‘unwisely’ ‘allowed the refurbishment of the apartment at No 11 Downing Street to proceed without more rigorous regard for how this would be funded’.

This conclusion was based on Mr Johnson telling him ‘that he knew nothing about such payments until immediately prior to media reports in February 2021’.

But a separate investigation by the Electoral Commission, which published its findings yesterday, uncovered evidence that on November 29, 2020, the Prime Minister ‘messaged Lord Brownlow via WhatsApp asking him to authorise further, at that stage unspecified, refurbishment works on the residence’.

The report provides the most detailed account yet of the complex web of payments, totalling £112,549.12, involved in doing up the flat.

The Cabinet Office paid the invoices initially, the money was subsequently repaid by CCHQ and then Lord Brownlow and his firm Huntswood Associates made donations to the party to cover the costs. In order to clear up the mess, Mr Johnson settled the bill directly with the designer earlier this year – so she had to pay back those who had originally paid her.

The Electoral Commission found that the majority of the £67,801 given to the Tories by Lord Brownlow’s firm last October should have been reported as a donation, but was not.

The party was fined for ‘failing to accurately report the full value of the donation’ and ‘contravening the requirement to keep proper accounting records’.

Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner said: ‘The Prime Minister must now explain why he lied to the British public saying he didn’t know who was behind No 11 flat refurb – all the while he was WhatsApping the donor asking for more money.

‘He’s not only broken the law but made a mockery of the standards we expect from our prime ministers.’ She has asked Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards Kathryn Stone to investigate the discrepancy between what the PM told Lord Geidt and what the Electoral Commission found.

A spokesman for the watchdog’s office declined to comment.

A CCHQ spokesman said: ‘We have been in constant contact with the Electoral Commission and have sought their advice as to how the transaction should be reported since it was made. We are considering whether to appeal.’

Who’s who in the civil war between Cummings’ Brexit Boys and the ‘Carrie Symonds crew’ 

Cummings pictured outside Downing Street in one of the outfits that has made him an unlikely style icon 


Dominic Cummings 

Age: 48

Official title: Chief Adviser to the Prime Minister 

Boris Johnson’s maverick Svengali, who gained national notoriety for his lockdown-breaking trip to Barnard Castle to ‘test his eyesight’ before a trip back to London. 

The former Vote Leave director backed his former campaign staffer Lee Cain to take over as the PM’s chief of staff – prompting a bitter wrangle with Carrie Johnson, who warned it would be a ‘mistake’. 

Cummings, who is known for his acerbic demeanour and preference for hoodies and ‘slob’ style jackets over suits, eventually lost the vicious tug-of-war, prompting Cain’s resignation. 

He is known to have a difficult relationship with Carrie, with reports suggesting she was opposed to his aggressive approach to politics and tendency to ‘pick unnecessary fights’ which could harm the PM’s image. 

Mr Cummings was born in County Durham and is married to Mary Wakefield, a senior journalist with the Spectator magazine, a Tory bible that Boris Johnson once edited. 

Cummings ally Cleo Watson seen outside No10 

Cleo Watson 

Age: 31

Official title: Head of the Prime Minister’s Priorities and Campaigns

It has become a familiar ritual in Downing Street: photographers clamour to take pictures of elegant Cleo Watson as she strides towards the No 10 door with a dishevelled Dominic Cummings, the pair looking, as one wag put it, like ‘a gazelle with a pit pony’.

Watson was Cummings’ special adviser and the pair share a close relationship, with one Whitehall source describing her as ‘the Cummings whisperer’ because she is one of very few people who can calm him down when he flies into a rage.

Watson is one of five high-achieving sisters from an extraordinary family whose story could come from a Jane Austen novel. Indeed, she is the second of her siblings to work closely with a Tory leader. Her sister Annabel, 41, known as Bee, was Theresa May’s Chief of Staff. 

Watson worked with Vote Leave during the 2016 EU referendum, before landing a top job in the policy unit in No 10 during May’s premiership.  

Oliver Lewis is another Vote Leave member to now work in No10 

Oliver Lewis (nickname ‘Sonic’) 

Age: Late 20s

 Official title: Brexit policy adviser

A former Vote Leave staffer, Brexit policy adviser Oliver Lewis is a close ally of Cummings – who is known to address him by the nickname ‘Sonic’. 

Oxford-educated Lewis has been working closely with Michael Gove on No Deal preparations, and was inspired by Cummings’ love of science to construct an enormous spreadsheet to model difference scenarios styled on techniques used by NASA. 

He has also worked closely alongside chief Brexit negotiator David Frost, and earlier this year was accused by EU sources of repeatedly trying to shut down negotiations. 


Carrie Symonds – seen at a Remembrance Day service in Whitehall on Sunday – has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in Downing Street 

Carrie Johnson

Age: 32

Official title: NA

Boris Johnson’s wife and a former Conservative Party head of media, she has emerged as a force to be reckoned in No10. 

She is known to have a difficult relationship with Cummings and blocked his bid to install his ally Lee Cain as the PM’s chief of staff, insisting this would be a ‘mistake’ given how the campaign against the pandemic had gone so far.

A brutal stand-off ensued before Symonds emerged as triumphant – with Cain announcing his resignation and Cummings said to be also considering his position. 

Symonds grew up in west London and attended Godolphin and Latymer School, an independent day school for girls, and the University of Warwick. 

She worked for the Tory party from 2009, before hitting the headlines when her affair with Mr Johnson, 56, came to light. 

A passionate conservationist, she had a direct impact on government policy after a badger cull in Derbyshire was called off, a move that saved thousands of the animals. 

Allegra Stratton is poised to become the face of Boris Johnson’s new US-style TV press briefings

Allegra Stratton

Age: 39

Official title: No10 Press Secretary 

Allegra Stratton, the former journalist poised to become the face of Downing Street’s first US-style televised press briefings, was the cause of the power struggle that erupted. 

After her appointment, she insisted she would be answerable to the PM only, not Cain. With the former Daily Mirror journalist fearing he was about to be side-lined, Boris offered him the role of chief of staff.

That’s when Stratton and her allies stepped in, determined to prevent that happening.

Stratton is a respected former journalist for the Guardian and ITV among others, and helped Chancellor Rishi Sunak craft his public image before being poached by No10. 

Stratton is a fully paid-up member of the metropolitan elite who was educated at Latymer Upper School in London (fees, £21,000 a year) and studied anthropology and archaeology at Cambridge. She is married to James Forsyth, the political editor of the Spectator. 

Munira Mirza is the phenomenally-bright head of No10’s Policy Unit 

Munira Mirza

Age: 42

Official title: Director of the Number 10 Policy Unit

Munira Mirza is the highly respected and phenomenally bright head of the Downing Street policy unit. 

A long-time Boris aide dating back to his time as London mayor, she prefers to work away from the limelight, but is also said to have made her opposition to Cain’s appointment clear. 

The Oldham-born academic is a popular figure around No10. ‘She has a huge brain but wears it lightly. Boris listens to her,’ according to one source.

Mirza’s family came to Britain from Pakistan, with her father finding work as a factory while her mother taught Urdu part time. 

She attended Breeze High School and Oldham Sixth Form College, where she was the only pupil to gain a place at Oxford, where she  studied English Literature. 

A former member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, Mirza is now one of the members in Johnson’s circle, and was named by the PM as one of the five women who have shaped his life.  

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