Dollar General worker runs over shoplifter making off on a bike

Doorbell camera shows furious Dollar General worker mowing down shoplifter with her Honda SUV after he tried fleeing the store on a bicycle

  • Doorbell footage showed a Dollar General employee ramming an alleged thief
  • Some supported the manager’s determination but others criticized the violence

A doorbell camera captured the moment a supposed Dollar General worker plowed her car into a man who was allegedly fleeing after having stolen from her store. 

The incident, which happened on May 11 at around 11.20am, shows the man on a bicycle cruising along a sidewalk in Fresno, California, when suddenly a woman driving a white Honda, said to be a Dollar General employee by the owner of the camera, swerved into the alleged thief and knocked him off his bike.

The impact warped the bicycle’s front wheel and he went down, causing the goods in the bicycle basket – which included sodas, bags of chips and even a bouquet of roses – to scatter onto a driveway.

As the two got into a swearing match, they both collected the spilled items – the woman picked up the bicycle’s detached basket and placed it and other items into the car, while the man held as many items as possible in his arms. 

Doorbell footage captured the moment a supposed Dollar General manager plowed her car into a man who was allegedly fleeing having stolen from her store

A view of the driveway on which the alleged thief was intercepted and taken off his bicycle wrote to Dollar General for confirmation that the woman is indeed a Dollar General employee in Fresno, but did not receive a response.

There is a Dollar General store just 420 feet north of the house on West Shields Avenue but it is unclear if it is the store in question.

Fresno City Police were unable to confirm any details but did say a ‘call of action’ was made between dispatchers and officers regarding the incident, which happened at the intersection of West Princeton Avenue and North Brawley Avenue in north west Fresno.

Eric, who owns the house on that road equipped with the Ring doorbell camera which recorded the video, said he had not heard from the police.

‘I actually was totally shocked when it happened. I watched it live on my Ring camera while I was at work and could not believe that I was watching it unfold in my driveway. The more I watched the video, the funnier it got,’ he said.

After the man fell off the bike, the woman got out and confronted him aggressively. The pair can be heard exchanging barbs as they ironically collect the fallen items fairly calmly.

Once the man gets to his feet, he tells her: ‘F***ing b***h.’

‘Who do you think you are stealing stuff from my store, b***h,’ said the woman in response.

Pictured is a Dollar General store just 420 feet north of the house on West Shields Avenue. It is unclear if it is the store in question

The front wheel of the bicycle was damaged by the impact, forcing the man to collect as many items as possible and hold them in his hands

The two continue to swear at each other and the woman picks up the damaged bicycle and throws it in the direction of the road.

‘You don’t live the life I live, b***h,’ he told her. 

The two continued verbally sparring, though much of the dialogue is hard to make out. 

But the alleged thief can be heard telling her that the situation is ‘not that serious’ and that other people also steal from stores.

As the woman gets back into her car, having recovered around half of the goods, the conflict escalates somewhat as the man begins threatening her with legal action.

‘You going to jail for that, b***h, be sure of that,’ he says. ‘And I’m pressing charges, b***h.’

‘I need that money,’ he adds.

‘As of right now, I do not know if the police ever got involved. No one has reached out to me and I’m not sure what happened to the Dollar General employee who I also feel bad for as well,’ said Eric, the homeowner.

‘I feel bad for both of them. It appears the thief was stealing groceries and also just happened to grab a bouquet of flowers for the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday. 

Cameras captured the incident from multiple angles. In this still the alleged thief is seen riding along the sidewalk, while the woman drives her car directly to his right. Seconds later she crossed into his path and took him down

Once the driveway was clear the supposed manager got back into her car and left. As she did the man said he would take legal action

The man collected the spilled goods in his hands while the supposed manager put the remainder into her car

‘For someone to steal groceries times must be pretty tough so I feel for him as well.

‘In California, there are a lot of roll-out shopping cart thefts and nothing is done to these thieves. This employee just got tired of it and decided to take matters into her own hands.

‘It’s unfortunate that the laws in California do not penalize the criminals that’s why it is so rampant here in California.’

The clip has divided viewers – some supported the manager in her determination to recover the stolen goods, but others criticized the violent way in which she used her car to take the man down.

‘Assault with a deadly weapon. On film,’ wrote one user, disapproving of the woman’s actions.

‘This is not on the employee to do. In fact, the law is more in the perpetrator’s favor than hers. Stores do not want the liability for injured employees, or property damage as a result of their employee running a shoplifter down,’ said another.

Some were clearly in favor of the dogged woman. 

‘Employee of the year right there,’ said one. 

‘If I was rich I would send people like her boat loads of money,’ said another. 

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