Dad surprises 80 neighbours by cooking and delivering curry to their doorsteps during coronavirus lockdown – The Sun

A KIND married couple have delivered a coronavirus care package to 80 of their neighbours during lockdown.

Parents Tom and Katy Marsden dropped off home cooked curries to their local community in a bid to lift spirits amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Mr Marsden, living in Greater Manchester, was inspired to carry out the good deed after a friend left Prosecco and flowers on his doorstep.

It made he and his wife realise how a simple gesture could make another person's day, with many feeling the strain stuck at home during the sixth week of government imposed lockdown.

Mr Marsden told LADbible his friend “did it for about 10 of our friends, so it was just a random act of kindness when everyone's a bit down and gloomy.”

Encouraged by his love for cooking, he decided to pay the kind act forward by making a big batch of chicken curry.

He also kept in mind his local vegetarian and vegan neighbours, and cooked a spinach, potato and chickpea version.

The Good Samaritan spent £150 at Macro on ingredients, takeaway containers and brown paper bags.

It took him just under two days cook enough food to make up the 80 portions of dinner.

Mr Marsden planned his cook-off to be ready just in time for Friday, when he knew families might be missing their favourite takeaway meals and restaurant bookings.

The couple delivered the curry to their neighbours just in time for a Friday night feast.

They added rice and naans to the curry portions and “just dropped them at the doors and left them a text saying: "You've got a little pressie!”

Mr Marsden runs a teaching supply agency, and managed to complete his cooking extravaganza while still working full-time, as he's not being furloughed until next week.

He added: "I didn't realise quite what a mammoth undertaking it would be."

"I started cooking on Wednesday night – I made the base curry sauce on Wednesday night, and then I was still going on Friday lunchtime.”

"But we got them all out in the end!"

To no surprise, the curry delivery was a hit with among the neighbourhood.

The Marsdens made a sure to drop a portion off to the woman who had originally gifted them Prosecco and flowers.

It turned out to be perfect timing, as the woman was getting ready to celebrate her wedding anniversary at home.
The couple received numerous texts thanking them for the home cooked meals.

Mr Marsden said: “It was well worth doing – it's nice to be nice at times, isn't it?"

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