Coronavirus map shows US states where infections are rising – with MN cases spiking 155% in a WEEK as protests rage – The Sun

A NEW coronavirus map reveals the US states where infections have soared in recent days – with hotspots emerging in the South and Mid-West.

It shows how COVID-19 cases in Minnesota, where thousands have gathered for anti-lockdown protests, have spiked by 155 percent in a just week.

The government's phased plan requires areas to see rates steadily decreasing to start the reopening process.

But data from Johns Hopkins University and the US Census shows several states are not seeing a steady decline in cases over a seven-day period, reports Axios.

Around 43 states will have completely or partially reopened by Sunday – but only 12 are in good shape to do so, with Arkansas and Wyoming showing the most positive trends.

From April 27 to May 4, Nebraska and Puerto Rico showed a worrying uptick in cases, which surged by 57 percent and 231 percent respectively.

The map also demonstrates that nearly a third of the country is still experiencing a growing number of infections after the healthcare system was battered by the outbreak.

This includes Texas, which now has 32,783 cases and Virginia (19,493 cases) where Republican governors are preparing to reveal their reopening plans.

But Axios notes some states could see infection numbers rise due to ramped up testing measures.

However, Minnesota experienced the largest spike over the past week as the number of COVID patients rose to 7,234 after a month of protests.

The news comes after frustrated Americans took to the streets of St. Paul to urge Tim Walz to get people back to work at a rally outside his home last month.

The "Liberate Minnesota" protests were part of growing number being staged across the nation to oppose stay-at-home orders.

Despite the concerning statistics and social distancing advice, lockdown rallies in The North Star state, Michigan, and Virginia continued and resulted in healthcare professionals counter-protesting.

Protestors were subsequently supported by Donald Trump, who described them as "responsible people" before urging governors to "liberate" their residents during the outbreak.

Elsewhere, the number of cases and hospitalizations have steadily dropped in the former US epicenter New York.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said his PAUSE order will continue in some parts of the state and expire in others on May 15, despite the overall 38 percent decrease in cases.

But on Monday, he said currently, no region meets all the requirements necessary to reopen safely and securely with 318,953 cases to date and thousands of deaths.

California Governor Newsom confirmed the state will enter Stage 2 of the reopening plan, enabling some retail outlets to get back to business, pending local approval. 

The news comes as the US contends with over 1.2 million cases and the deaths of other 72,000 Americans.

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