Coronavirus lockdown workers 'skiving' two hours a day without their boss noticing

LOCKDOWN workers are ‘skiving’ for two hours a day without their bosses noticing.

A quarter of employees say working from home means they can get away with doing less without getting caught.

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Most Brits work an average of 36.5 hours a week – but many are now doing much less.

A poll revealed people working from home due to coronavirus have been doing two hours and 20 minutes less each day – or 11 hours and 40 minutes a week.

Three in 10 blame the pandemic for making them less productive.

The survey found lockdown has meant a 30 per cent drop in productivity – equivalent to almost two days less work each week.

And it is the stress of working from home that has seen people try to cut down their hours.

Many admitted they can now get away with working less each day – and their managers don't notice.

The survey, by Mind Gym and Censuswide, also revealed that more than a third of workers have seen a decline in their mental health since being locked down.

Feeling isolated and anxious, as well as being away from colleagues and authority, is making people burn out.

With almost half the UK workforce working from home, the company has warned this could have “catastrophic” consequences.

Mind Gym chief executive Octavius Black said: “Given the anxiety from lockdown and the ineffectiveness of managers in this new environment, masses of UK workers are likely either to opt-out or burnout.

“The impact on the UK’s productivity would be catastrophic.”

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