Bull terrier Sparky is so lazy he can't be bothered to walk

Dog tired! Sparky the bull terrier is so lazy he can’t be bothered to walk – forcing his owner to drag him along the floor on his belly instead

  • Bull terrier Sparky prefers to be dragged along the floor by his belly than walking
  • Five-year-old dog’s owner Silvio Parise Salvan shared video of the funny pooch
  • Gets pulled around by his lead in shopping malls and streets in Criciuma in Brazil 

A stubborn dog prefers to lie flat on his stomach and be dragged around by his owner than go out for a walk in a hilarious compilation video. 

Unlike most other dogs, bull terrier Sparky is not the biggest fan of long walks in the park or by the river, preferring ‘draggies’ instead of ‘walkies’.

The five-year-old dog opts for plonking himself on the floor and forcing his owner, Silvio Parise Salvan, to drag him along on his belly through shopping malls and streets in Criciuma, Brazil. 

Bull terrier Sparky prefers ‘draggies’ as opposed to ‘walkies’ with his owner Silvio Parise Salvan dragging him along on his belly around Criciuma, Brazil

Five-year-old Sparky’s owner is able to dress him up as a cleaner and Batman while he naps on the sofa

The lazy pooch looks relaxed and at ease while gliding across the floor as people do double takes at the hilarious sight. 

Throughout the comical set of videos one of the only times Sparky is seen on his feet is when he sniffs out some dog food outside a store and comes across another dog in a shop.  

He is so cooperative and unfazed that his owner is even able to dress him up while he naps on the sofa, too interested in sleeping to care he is dressed up as Batman. 

The compilation video also sees the pooch wearing rubber gloves with a bottle of cleaning product positioned to look like he is holding it. 

Sparky’s adventures have been documented on his Instagram page which has more than 98,000 followers who love to see his latest installment of laziness. 

Silvio Parise Salvan shares comical updates from Sparky’s life, including dragging him through shops and streets

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