Britain’s kids eating same five meals every week during the lockdown as parents of young families struggle for variety – The Sun

BRITAIN’S children are eating the same five meals every week during the lockdown as parents of young families struggle to cook anything else, a study shows.

Mums and dads have stocked their store cupboards well for lockdown, but have no idea what dinners they can make with what they have in them, according to a poll by UK’s leading baby food brand Ella’s Kitchen.

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Instead they rely on old faithful dishes such as Spaghetti Bolognese, roast dinners and pasta with tomato sauce. Chicken nuggets and bangers and mash also top the list.

Young parents say they have suffered a 38 per cent drop in income over the coronavirus crisis, so need to make the most of a limited food budget.

The survey of 1,000 parents to children under 5 found that half are buying more packet and tinned food than ever before but 78 per cent struggle to find different recipes for ingredients like, pasta, rice and tinned tomatoes.

The study found that the average family lockdown store cupboard contains 6 cans of tomatoes, 5 of sweetcorn, 5 of garden pea, 5 of chickpeas, 5 of baked beans and 5 of tuna, along with 5 packets of pasta .


1. Spaghetti Bolognese

2. Roast dinner

3. Pasta with tomato sauce

4. Chicken nuggets

5. Lasagne

Leading nutritionist Claire Baseley says: “It’s so important children have access to a varied diet and a range of nutritious foods. It’s a tough gig juggling life and so opting for recipes we know are a fail-safe for our families is the easiest way to make sure everyone gets fed every day.

“It’s interesting to see families have a great stock of items in their kitchens and there’s some great ingredients there that parents can easily turn into delicious and nutritious meals their kids will love.”

Ella’s Kitchen have developed a range of easy and nutritious meal recipes that parents can try to avoid cooking the same dinners week after week, that can be found at

To support vulnerable families across the UK during this time, Ella’s Kitchen has also donated 50,000 products to help those at risk of food poverty.

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