Binmen, postmen and supermarket workers deserve our heartfelt thanks every day – The Sun

WE always thought this crisis would bring out the best in Britain.

And my, how right we were.

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Our brilliant NHS staff have gone above and beyond the call of duty to steer this country through some of the darkest days in its history. We rightly clap them every week.

But so too have an unsung army of binmen, postmen, supermarket workers, delivery drivers and cleaners.

Their vital work stops this country from grinding to a standstill. While their energy, dedication and boundless kindness give a lifeline to the lonely and vulnerable.

The shop owner who delivers food and essentials to isolated locals doesn’t consider himself a hero. Nor does the supermarket driver who brings in toilet roll from home for his customers.

But only a hero would risk this deadly disease day in day out to keep Britain on its feet.

Crisis or no crisis, they deserve our heartfelt thanks each and every day.

See your doc

AROUND 30,000 people were diagnosed with cancer last April.

This month, top doctors would be surprised if that figure hits 5,000. Why? Because conscientious Brits are so worried about burdening the NHS they’re avoiding doctors and hospitals.

We admire their steadfast commitment to the battle against Covid-19 .But if thousands die because they didn’t seek vital treatment, lockdown ­— the ultimate purpose of which was to save lives —will have been in vain.

Yes, some hospitals are more crowded than usual. But thanks to the sterling efforts of our doctors and nurses, capacity is increasing by the day.

Your NHS is still there for you. Book that appointment today.

Spell out rules

THE newly recovered Prime Minister has a huge challenge awaiting him today: restoring the public’s waning faith in lockdown.

First, he must use his incredible powers of oratory to remind fed-up Brits exactly what’s at stake.

Then, he must clear up the confusion that’s crept in since he’s been away. Why, for example, is going for a drive in your sealed car banned, but driving the same distance for a walk allowed?

If our elected PM explains to us exactly what he wants from us and why, we have no doubt the country will sit up and listen.

Lucky stars

AMID all the doom and gloom it’s easy to forget all the good news at the moment.

A whopping great asteroid will today miss Earth by 4 million miles.

At least we can cross “getting flattened” off the worry list.

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