Biden and G7 leaders staying at $280-a-night CASTLE surrounded by ring of steel and president has his own 'West Wing’

JOE Biden and other G7 leaders will stay in a $280-a-night castle which has been barricaded by the ring of steel, with the US president receiving his own "West Wing."

Tregenna Castle Resort will host the world's top leaders as they attend the G7 summit, only a short distance away from the Caris Bay Hotel where they will meet.

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Biden will stay in the hotel's best rooms which have been dubbed the West Wing Sea View rooms and lookout over St Ives in Cornwall.

Among the West Wing's former guests was Hitler's Ambassador, Herr Von Ribbentrop.

He was said to have been so enamored by the hotel that he sent a message saying that under no account was St Ives to be bombed as he wished to live in Treganna after the war, reports.

More recent famed guest include the late Prince Philip and David Bowie.

Classed as the largest and grandest hotel in Cornwall, Tregenna's 98 rooms and 55 apartments were considered large enough to cope with Biden's large entourage of staff and secret service, as well as the large teams of all the other world leaders.

Security around the castle has been beefed up for the leaders' stay with a giant fence erected, police patrolling with sniffer dogs, and extra lighting installed.

The secluded 72-acre grounds boasts natural woodlands, lawns, and an 18-hole golf course for leaders to enjoy some downtime.

It also has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, all-weather tennis courts, and a fitness suite.

The Grade II-listed castle was first built in 1774 by local landowner Samuel Stephens, reports.

It functioned as a 12-bedroom private home for the wealthy Cornishman who loved the sea and was named after the hill in St Ives on which it was built upon.

The castle was commissioned to be built from local granite and is believed to have been designed by Georgian architect John Wood, according to The Independent.

The Stephens family remained in the homes until 1871 when they sold it to a local family of bankers, the Bolithos.

The family seat became a hotel after the British Great Western Railway opened its St Ives Branch in 1877.

It was the first hotel to become a holiday destination itself, as they had previously been located by terminals and junctions for convenience.

The railway bought the property outright as a hotel in 1895.

At the time, the castle was described as “an imposing edifice, very substantially built of granite."

“The house feels more like a private house than a hotel; the views from it are very fine, looking over the town and bay of St Ives and along the coast as far as Trevose Head," wrote Sir Daniel Gooch, the chairman of the GWR, during a stay shortly afterward.

The hotel castle proved to be so popular that the railway named two steam locomotives after it.

Over the past year, the castle has remained a top vacation spot for Britons due to the restrictions on international travel caused by the Covid pandemic.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie will also be residing in the castle throughout the summit.

He and Biden are set to meet on Thursday ahead of the main summit on Friday.

During the summit, Biden will discuss climate change and international travel with other world leaders.

The president arrived in the UK shortly after midnight local time on Thursday.

During his first-ever speech on British soil, Biden made a blunder in calling the Royal Air Force the RFA.

The embarrassing blunder came after the president declared that the US-UK alliance was the “strongest military and political alliance in the history of the world.”

Biden also made clear that "co-ordinated multilateral action" is needed to tackle climate change ahead of the G7 summit.

He said: "Over the next few days I'll be participating in meetings with many of our closest partners, the G7 in Cornwall, then off to Brussels and the Nato summit and the EU summit.

"This diplomacy is essential because no single nation acting alone can meet all the challenges we face today because the world is changing."

The president will also meet with Queen Elizabeth during his stay.

Biden will then hold talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin to complete his eight-day trip.

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