Banksy mural appeared overnight on the wall of a Stockport pub

Has Banksy struck again? Mural appears on pub wall overnight that bears all the hallmarks of the guerrilla street artist

  • Street art of a boy flying a kite is in Banksy’s usual stencilled spray painted style
  • The artwork appeared on the side of a pub in Stockport, Greater Manchester
  • Local resident said the work was produced in early hours of Sunday morning
  • Auction house Christie’s valued another of the artist’s work at up to £13.2million 

Banksy may have struck again as a mural in the renowned street artist’s style was spotted on the side of a pub in Greater Manchester.

Despite being one of Britain’s most famous artists, Banksy’s identity is a secret, although it is known he comes from Bristol.

People who first spotted the artwork at the The Griffin Hotel in Stockport, said they believed it was a genuine Banksy.  

The mural is in Banksy’s usual style of stencilled spray painted imagery.

People living in Stockport think this artwork of a young boy flying a kite on the side of the Griffin Hotel pub was created by the well-known artist Banksy

The landlord of the Griffin Hotel, Danny Chambers, said: ‘It’s obviously a surprise. It had just appeared when I came back from the shops.

‘People have been talking about it and asking questions about it but I don’t know anything about it so I’ve not really had any answers.

‘We’ve got our own artwork in the beer garden that we paid an artist for but the one out there is nothing to do with me.’

The artwork appeared on the side of the Griffin Hotel in Stockport. The pub’s landlord said it was ‘a surprise’

The artwork was revealed on Sunday from behind a set of screens, a man who lives nearby said.

He added: ‘It was done in the early hours of this morning and people said they heard work taking place then.

‘It looks like [a real Banksy]. It’s quite well done. 

‘It’s not graffiti, let’s put it that way.’  

The painting features a young boy flying a yellow kite in Banksy’s trademark black and white style.

The kite has an acid house-style face but with a sad expression as opposed to the usual smile. 

Banksy’s artworks have raked in tens of millions from sales.

Just this week auction house Christie’s valued a Banksy painting inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers at between £8.8 million and £13.2 million.

Fashion designer Sir Paul Smith will sell the painting, called Sunflowers From Petrol Station, in November.

Banksy reimagined Van Gogh’s famous painting as a withered bunch of sunflowers when he created it in 2005. 

Banksy’s 2005 painting reimagined Van Gogh’s famous painting as a withered bunch of sunflowers. The original Sunflowers by Van Gogh was painted in the 1800s by the legendary Dutch post-Impressionist artist

Sir Paul said: ‘What initially attracted me to Banksy was his confidence and clarity to communicate something exactly as it is, I was so impressed by his observations of what was happening in the world and that remains true of the work he’s doing today.

‘His political statements are completely on point, really profound, really brave and consistently delivered in a modern way.

‘I was delighted to have the opportunity to be able to own a piece of his work and the Sunflower itself presents such a brilliantly unique way of thinking about things.’ 

The painting will be displayed in Los Angeles and Hong Kong and be sold in New York on November 9.

Banksy’s representatives did not respond to a request for comment about his alleged mural in Stockport.     

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