Baby's hilarious reaction when phone she's playing with suddenly rings

It’s for you! Baby’s hilarious reaction when the phone she is playing with suddenly rings

  • 11-month-old Schuyler-Mai Walsh held the phone in video taken on October 21 
  • Her eyes go wide with shock when phone rings at home in Enniscorthy, Ireland
  • She drops the phone as the room erupted in laughter at the ‘comical moment’ 

This is the hilarious moment a baby pretending to use her parent’s mobile phone gets a fright when it really rings.

11-month-old Schuyler-Mai Walsh was mimicking her parents by putting the phone to her ear in her home in Enniscorthy, County Wexford, Ireland. 

The video, taken on October 21, shows the baby standing on her father Anthony’s knee and giggling excitedly as she pretends to use the mobile. 

11-month-old Schuyler-Mai Walsh mimicked her parents by putting their phone to her ear when she got a fright and dropped it when it started actually ringing

But as the phone starts ringing, the infants eyes go wide and she begins kicking her legs in shock – leaving the room in hysterics.

Mother Aileen Codd, 22, captured the ‘comical moment’ when the little girl gets such a fright she even drops the device.     

Her 44-year-old father said that they’re still laughing about the ‘perfectly timed’ video.

After she’s dropped the phone, Schuyler-Mai stares at the device which is still ringing in her father’s lap, still in shock at the noise.  

Family friends who have been watching the video on repeat have even said it’s the ‘best thing they’ve ever seen’.

Anthony said: ‘She had the shock of her life – afterwards she didn’t cry but was laughing herself when we were all in hysterics.

Schuyler-Mai’s parents Anthony and Aileen (pictured) say they’re still laughing about the ‘perfectly timed’ video of her getting a fright at the ringing phone 

‘The phone was on loud and vibrated – I don’t think she was expecting it to happen – it was priceless.’

He added: ‘It was the first time that she’d reacted like that to the phone ringing – usually she just looks at it and thinks “what’s this?”

‘We’ve watched it I don’t know how many times and are still laughing about it to this day.’

Schuyler-Mai the ‘very excitable’ loves the phone and will point to it at any given opportunity so that she can have a go.

Anthony said: ‘I don’t know why she loves the phone so much – when she sees me with it to my ear she grabs it and puts it to the back of her head.’ 

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