Australia’s cannibal mouse epidemic about to get worse – with snake plague

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It’s about to get even worse for Australia.

The hordes of cannibalistic, fire-starting mice that have taken over almost half of the country from Brisbane to Melbourne are continuing unabated – but the worst is yet to come as experts warn a plague of snakes is sure to follow.

“After the mice, the snakes will follow,” Gerard Dallow, from Micropest in Sydney, told Nine News, adding the infestation of mice was common for South Australia, but not for New South Wales.

“The mice aren’t likely to leave the food sources and head into the city.”

The millions of mice have caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in crop damage and have started cannibalizing themselves.

When they run out of food, when they run out of seeds to eat, they start cannibalizing, they start eating each other,” Xavier Martin, the vice president of the New South Wales Farmers’ Association, told ITV News.

“They’re pretty disgusting animals,” he said of the millions of rodents caught running rampant in stomach-churning videos.

While the serpents will curb the mouse population run amok, they are a bigger danger to humans as over 100 species of snakes in Australia are venomous and deadly to humans

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