3 dead, including shooter, in St. Louis high school shooting

Shooting inside of a St. Louis high school leaves three DEAD, including suspected gunman, as at least eight injured people are transported to the hospital

  • Three people, including the suspected gunman, were shot and killed inside a Missouri high school Monday morning 
  • Officials confirmed the news, sharing that at least one adult female and one female teenager had been killed 
  • Police also said that there were eight total transports to the hospital from the incident 
  • District officials previously had stated that just two people had been shot and transported to the hospital 
  • The St. Louis Public Schools Twitter account also said that the suspect was ‘quickly stopped’ and was in custody
  • Other students have been evacuated and are being transported to ‘safe and secure’ locations  
  • This is a developing story

At least three people, including the suspected gunman, were killed inside a Missouri high school Monday morning, police officials said. 

The shooting happened at the Central Visual and Performing Arts High School in St. Louis, according to district officials.

Lt. Col. Michel Sack, commissioner of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, confirmed that one adult and one female were among the victims of the tragedy.

‘One adult female was pronounced at a local hospital, I believe that was from gunfire,’ Sack said. 

‘We have one teenage female remaining here at the scene, she’s also been pronounced as a result of wounds she received from gunfire,’ he continued. 

In addition to those killed, Sack said during a press conference confirmed that there were eight transports to nearby hospitals stemming from the incident. 

It’s unclear how many of those who were taken to the hospital had injuries that stemmed from gunfire, just that they suffered ‘a variety’ of issues, ‘from trample injuries to gunshots.’ 

It had previously been reported by the district that just two individuals had been shot and taken to the hospital. 

This was the scene outside of Central Visual and Performing Arts High School in St. Louis Monday morning after a gunman opened fire and killed two people 

Police could be seen pulling students who had run from the school after a man opened fire 

Students were less than four hours into the school day when they were evacuated due to an active shooter in the building

A flurry of police cars were spotted Monday morning outside of the Missouri school 

Armed officers approached the scene with caution after an unidentified suspect shot two students. District officials said that officers were able to quickly stop the shooter by fatally shooting him

The police official said officers were called to the school around 9am and responded within minutes. 

Sack said that as students were running out of the building, several told police officers that the suspect was inside and had a ‘long gun.’ 

‘As kids were fleeing out of the building, they talked to some of the kids who told them that there was a shooter armed with a long gun,’ Sack said during the press conference. 

The officers then entered the school, located the shooter, and fatally shot the suspect, he continued. 

‘There was an exchange of gunfire’ after the officers had located the suspect, the commissioner stated.

He also said that it’s unclear at this time how the suspect got in. 

‘The doors were locked’ said Sack. 

Additionally, one district officials said that there were seven security officers inside of the building before police arrived at the scene.  

After a reporter asked the police commissioner how the gunman did manage to get in, Sack responded: ‘we’re not going to talk about how the suspect gained entry.’  

During the press conference after the shooting, district officials also spoke, telling media that they are working with the families of the victims and send their condolences. 

At this time, the suspect has not been positively identified. 

‘This is a day of tragedy,’ said Mayor Tishuara Jones. 

‘I’m stressed and I’m heartbroken, I’m heartbroken for these families,’ said Jones. ‘Our children shouldn’t have to experience this. They shouldn’t have to go through active shooter drills in case something happens and unfortunately that happened today.’ 

Jones also responded earlier in the day to the news of the shooting in a grim tweet posted just before 10.30am. 

‘Help us Jesus,’ Jones wrote Monday. 

The group also applauded the quick work of the officers who ‘ran to that gunfire’ inside of the school. 

‘I also want to thank our first responders who ran in and made sure our babies were safe and took care of the situation, sooner rather than later,’ Mayor Jones said.  

‘I do believe that their quick actions saved lives, so thank you to the police department’ another school official said.

Congresswoman Cori Bush (MO-01) was also present at the press conference. The Democrat represents the district where St. Louis is located. 

‘Today is one of those days, those days that we pray, we pray never happens across this country,’ Rep. Bush said. 

‘We want to thank again our first responders, but we also want to thank those teachers and school staff and administrators that were in place and moving and ready,’ the congresswoman said. ‘Those that were there to support the students and those that are there right now.’

Rep. Bush said that any families or victims ‘who don’t know who to talk to,’ can call her office, stating that the phone lines will be open for those who need help. 

Students outside of the school were seen comforting each other after an unidentified shooter made their way into the building and shot and killed two people 

In addition to the adult and the  female student who were killed, police confirmed that there were at eight other transports to nearby hospitals. Law enforcement did not confirm, however, how many of those injuries were related to the gunfire

Students who were inside of the school at the time of the shooting will be interviewed, Sack said, but it will most likely come on a different day. 

‘We need to get their information, understand, but they may not be interviewed today, understanding that they just went through a traumatic incident. But we do need to identify who was in the building and where they were at – it’s very important,’ the commissioner said. 

He continued by stating that ‘on paper,’ there were nine victims, ‘we have hundreds of others.’ 

‘Everyone who survived here is going to take home trauma’ Sack said. 

‘Even the officers who responded here and the firefighters, the paramedics who worked on people here, are going to experience some degree of trauma,’ he continued. ‘It’s just heartbreaking.’ 

After the shooting, officers located what they believe is the suspect’s vehicle and said they will be ‘going through it’ to look for evidence, including indicators of his identity.  

Sack said that after the evacuation and shooting of the suspect, the building was cleared by SWAT and the bomb squad.

As of noon Eastern Standard Time, officials were only able to confirm that the suspect was a man who looked to be in his twenties. 

His relationship to the school or any current student or staff members is unknown.  

Students were evacuated from the school Monday after a shooter entered the building and injured two children 

‘Police are on site at Central Visual and Performing Arts this morning following reports of an active shooter and both CVPA and Collegiate are on lockdown,’ St. Louis Public Schools tweeted out Monday morning. 

The post from the district says that the ‘shooter was quickly stopped by police inside CVPA.’

As of just before 11am Eastern Standard Time, officials were still evacuating students from the school.

Those students were taken to ‘safe and secure’ sites.

‘We will send information on where parents can reunite with students,’ the district said. 

They later revealed that parents and students could reunite at the Gateway STEM School, located two miles from CVAP. 

Panicked students and staff ran to police and EMS officials at the scene where two students were shot 

The school district asked officials Monday to avoid the area of S. King’s Highway to Arsenal Street ‘until further notice.’ 

‘This investigation is ongoing.’  

Missouri Governor Mike Parson responded to the shooting Monday in a social media post, thanking the police who arrived at the scene and saying that he is ‘praying’ for the victims.

‘Our hearts go out to the victims and their families of this morning’s shooting at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School in St. Louis. Our office has been briefed on this tragedy.

‘State Public Safety officials are coordinating with local law enforcement and have offered any state resources necessary to assist with the investigation.

‘St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (OFFICIAL) quickly arrived on scene and immediately went to the sound of gunfire to protect lives, secure the area, and eliminate the threat.

‘Teresa and I are praying for the victims, their families, and the entire community.’

U.S. Senate candidate Trudy Busch Valentine, a Democrat running for an open seat in Missouri, also reacted to the news in a tweet, sharing her own feelings of heartbreak as a ‘mother and grandmother.’   

‘I am heartbroken this morning to see reports of a school shooting in south St. Louis,’ Busch Valentine wrote. 

‘As mother and grandmother myself, I’m shocked and praying for all those affected—students, parents, faculty, and in the community. I’m grateful to brave law enforcement for their quick response. 

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as they become available.  

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