Will there be a series 2 of Des on ITV?

ITV'S DES isn't even over yet, but already viewers are wondering if there will be a series 2.

The show is about the heinous crimes of British mass-murderer Dennis Nilsen.

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Will there be a series 2 of Des on ITV?

At the moment ITV is yet to confirm if there will be a second series of Des.

Viewers have been facinated by the series so far, and are hoping there is more to the story.

However, it is unlikely that there will be another series.

This is because Dennis Nilsen is now dead, so it is unlikely when the show concludes, there is anymore to the story.

What has happened so far on ITV's Des?

Episode 1

On 9 February 1983, Detective Chief Inspector Peter Jay is called to the leafy North London address of 23 Cranley Gardens, where he discovers the drains clogged with rotting flesh and bones.

But the extent of this grisly discovery only becomes apparent when the culprit returns from work. Dennis Nilsen, a meek man, freely admits to the police that it’s not just one or two bodies but “15 or 16, I think”.

How had they allowed this to happen under their noses for five years, and what had driven this seemingly ordinary civil servant to commit such atrocities?

As the police try to secure a conviction and identify the victims from scant DNA evidence, biographer Brian Masters attempts to understand why.

A game of chess with ‘Des’ begins, and while Brian may be exhilarated by his newest subject, he’s unaware what this new obsession could do to his life.

Episode 2

With limited resources, Jay and the police continue to dig into Nilsen’s memories in an effort to identify and convict him for the murder of every one of his victims.

But when Des suddenly withdraws his cooperation and stops talking to the police, Jay fears justice will be lost.

Meanwhile, Des confides increasingly in Brian, which proves a unique obstacle for Jay, who has never had to deal with a criminal biographer before.

As Brian’s sessions give Des the opportunity to analyse and confront the possible reasons for his crimes, he considers the prospect that he may not be guilty of murder after all.

Through ingenious detective work, Jay’s team manage to identify six victims, yet Jay is deeply frustrated as Nilsen will escape justice for the majority of his crimes.

At the pre-trial hearing, Nilsen shockingly pleads not guilty. Brian is dumbfounded that he might be partly responsible for this change of heart, while Jay is devastated that having feared he might not get justice for the nine victims they haven’t identified, now he might not even get justice for the six they have.

When is Des next on ITV?

Des concludes TONIGHT (September 16, 2020) with episode 3.

You can catch it on ITV at 9pm

You can watch episodes 1 and 2 NOW on the ITV Hub.





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