Who is Shannon Singh's stripper dad Narinder?

LOVE Island's Shannon Singh is riding high in the famous villa, with all the men vying for her attention.

The 22-year-old ex-glamour girl has revealed she grew up in a non-traditional household with an English mum and a father of Indian heritage.

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Who is Shannon Singh's stripper dad Narinder?

Love Island contestant Shannon revealed her dad Narinder joined a stripping agency when she was a young girl and ended up touring the country to make money.

She added that it was her dad’s career and her mum’s support of his choice which led to her starting a glamour modelling career.

Shannon confessed all about her dad's stripper past during a racy interviewon the BBC Asian Network podcast, Brown Girls Do It Too, Shannon.

She said it was "absolute jokes" that her Birmingham-born dad used to get his kit off for shows, and that when she was younger he used to have a silver Honda Civic with pink writing and kisses all over the car to advertise his stripping.

What has Shannon Singh said about her dad?

Shannon is very proud of her roots and also her dad's past.

She told The Mirror: "When people hear the name Singh, people automatically assume that I’m from a traditional Indian household, but it’s like polar opposites.

"Bless my dad – it was a long, long time ago he was a stripper, but it shows you I haven’t been brought up in a ­traditional household and I’m proud to say I haven’t.

"Dad did it on his own, he just went out on his own. His friend had an agency so he worked with him.

"Being an Asian family, I think it is something to be proud of."

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Are Shannon Singh parents still together?

It is believed Shannon's parents are still couple.

Appearing on the BBC Asian Network podcast, Brown Girls Do It Too, Shannon said: “My mum fully supported my dad when he was stripping.

"An Indian, guy stripper you don’t see it."

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