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PETER Hunziker was fired from Below Deck Mediterranean for posting racially insensitive content.

Bravo sacked the disgraced deckhand for sharing an offensive meme on Instagram amid widespread anti-racism protests in the United States.

He was let go after the network ousted no less than four Vanderpump Rules stars over accusations of racism.

But who is Hunziker and what were the circumstances behind his dismissal from Below Deck?

Who is Peter Hunziker?

Hunziker joined Below Deck Mediterranean in Season 5, which is set in Spain.

The series documents the experience of young yacht workers and made its Bravo debut in 2013.

Hunziker worked as an deckhand, operating equipment on deck and helping out with other operations.

He received an onscreen slap-on-the-wrist for calling his boss, bosun Malia White, "sweetie" and "sweetheart."

This season, Hunziker also said he was in awe of a female franchise owner in his town growing up because she was a woman.

"Seeing a woman in a successful position like that just inspired to like want to kill the game because if she can do it, I mean – you know what I mean?" he said, to the shock of his female co-stars.

Why was he fired from Below Deck Mediterranean?

Hunziker's termination came about because he shared a derogatory meme on his Instagram Stories.

The Daily Mail reported that it contained shocking racist and sexual imagery.

When the post was brought to the attention of Brave bigwigs last week, Hunziker "was terminated promptly at that time."

His firing was confirmed on June 17, three episodes into the current season.

The network and 51 Minds Entertainment are slated to edit the remaining episodes to reduce his on-screen role.

Hunziker is the latest reality star to be sacked on racism allegations.

What other celebrities have been fired from tv shows for racially charged posts?

Hunziker's abrupt exit comes after Bravo already fired Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute after they displayed racist behavior against fellow VPR cast member, Faith Stowers.

Faith claimed Stassi and Kristen had made a false claim to cops about her in 2017, leading Stassi to apologize in an emotional Instagram post.

Lance Bass recently confirmed his pal Jax Taylor will be fired from the show as a result of racist and transphobia claims.

Jax had tweeted about Faith, saying "she’s wanted by the police for grand theft auto and ‘awol’ from military, bad idea to be on a reality show dude" followed by “someone’s going to jail.”

VPR alum, Billie Lee, who is transgender, accused Jax of being transphobic and making "alarming" statements off air.

Over at MTV, network bosses have also been weeding out allegedly racist stars as the Black Lives Matter movement gains momentum.

Taylor Selfridge of Teen Mom, who has also appeared on MTV's Are You The One and The Challenge, was dropped after Twitter users dug up her problematic comments from 2012.

“We have to greet everyone at work but sometimes I won’t greet the Black people because they scare me,” she had written.

MTV also "severed ties" with The Challenge contestant Dee Nguyen after she tweeted offensive remarks about the anti-racism protests.

Nguyen retorted that "people die every f***ing day" after being reprimanded for posting a black square and "thirst traps" when people were dying.

On Monday, MTV confirmed they were dropping her as a result.

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