Victoria Beckham shames husband David and says he only wears pants below the waist on video calls

DAVID Beckham only wore pants from the waist down on video calls, according to his wife Victoria.

The former Spice Girls star didn’t spare the footballer’s blushes when she admitted he would wear a shirt and tie on top – and very little on the bottom.

Victoria, 47, made the confession during a new interview and said David, 45, loved being comfortable.

She said: “I wasn’t just going to put on an elasticated waistband, I still dressed up.

“David on the other hand, he would do Zoom calls and have a shirt and a tie on. And from the waist down he would be in his pants.

“I think the people he was on a call with would have been quite surprised if they had seen the full look.”

Victoria and David spent the past four months in Miami with their four kids, Brooklyn, 22, Romeo, 18, Cruz, 16, and Harper, nine, but they returned to their Cotswolds home this week.

And while their lives might be a million miles away from those lived by most, Victoria said they spent lockdown just like most other families.

During a keynote talk on London Rising 2021 on Thursday, Victoria added: “When lockdown first happened, the schools were closed and we said the priority had to be the children.

“The most important thing was to sit and watch movies with the kids and cuddle them.

“And yes have a bottle of wine, because that is ok.”

Like most parents, David and Victoria also didn’t enjoy home schooling.

Victoria laughed: “I appreciate teachers so much more, home schooling is no joke.

“I can run a business, I can sit in a board meeting, but home schooling the kids is really, really tough.

“I said to the kids, it was tough at times, but I said you are lucky to be living through history.

“It was about being as positive as we could and keeping each other motivated

“I remember when lockdown first happened, Harper’s school insisted on school uniform which I thought was great

“Then someone criticised me for putting Harper in her school uniform for Zoom.

“But that was not me that was a structure the school put in place. Kids need normality.”

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