Vicky Pattison reveals her 'squishy bits' as she shows off her 'real' body without a 'good filter'

VICKY Pattison has posted candid pictures of her body from two different angles – telling fans this is the "real" her.

The TV star revealed her "squishy bits" as she shared an inspiring post on Instagram to show her followers how celebrities look without a "good filter".

In both snaps, Vicky, 33, wears tight blue gym wear but she strikes two poses.

She explained to her 4.7 million followers: "This is NOT a ‘before & after’ pic.. Both these pictures are an accurate representation of what I look like taken minutes apart. Both of these pictures are perfectly show a healthy, happy & strong woman & it is important we acknowledge that."

The Geordi Shore star opened up feeing insecure in her body as a teenager and said how much she "hated" parts of her body.

Explaining why she shared the photos, she went on: "As I posed away in the mirror this morning before my workout as I often do, about to pop up a boomerang of myself in my nice new workout gear that does loads for my figure, in my skinny mirror that I love oh so much, with my body contorted into that perfect shape that I know does me all the favours- I thought to myself: What a tosser you are 😂

"Growing up I was so incredibly insecure about my body, something that stayed with me long into my 20’s & only now as a woman in her 30’s am I beginning to address it. I hated my squishy bits, my cellulite, my so called ‘flaws’.. I’d even go as far as to say I hated my curves. And looking back it was easy to see why.

"Normal women, real women, women filled with perfect imperfections were WILDLY unrepresented in the press & media when I was growing up & I started to believe that if I wanted to be considered beautiful or attractive that I had to look like the women I saw in the magazines or on tv. And of course when I found myself thrust into that industry my feelings & insecurities were completely exacerbated in that environment. Then they snowballed & manifested in some pretty toxic & unhealthy habits.

"Nowadays young girls don’t just have to contend with perfect on tv, or beauty in magazines- they’re also constantly bombarded with contrived & unrealistic images of perfection via social media & this realisation has left me terrified, heartbroken & vowing to do better."

Vicky admitted she initially only wanted to show the photo on the left, and it would have made her feel good about herself – but she knew it would send the wrong message to fans.

She added: "Posting this first picture on its own would have validated me, I would have got loads of likes & nice compliments.

"But by posting the second picture I am hopefully saying to a whole heap of amazing, beautiful & REAL women that all our bodies are beautiful, no matter what shape, size or how much squish we have.

"I’m also telling you that not everything is as it seems- especially on social media.

"Forget filters or good angles: You are all beautiful- remember that."

Vicky recently told The Sun she felt "overwhelmed’ by loneliness after her sudden I’m A Celeb fame made her unable to trust anyone.

The star said that while all her dreams were coming true on the surface, she had never felt more alone.

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