‘Very hostile’ Lady Victoria Hervey recalls uneasy first visit to Epstein’s apartment

Lady Victoria Hervey recalls visiting Epstein’s apartment

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Lady Victoria opened up about her friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell, the former associate of convicted sex offender, the late Jeffrey Epstein. Ghislaine has been in prison since July 2020 awaiting trial of charges of sex trafficking, which she denies. Lady Victoria first met Ghislaine in New York over 20 years ago and was invited to Epstein;s apartment.

She explained to host Lorraine Kelly how she expected the flat to be cosy and welcoming but was surprised by what she saw.

“This was 20 years ago but I remember it so clearly,” Lady Victoria said.

“I’m a very intuitive person and I knew as soon as I stepped into that apartment it felt very hostile, not a friendly environment.

“I was expecting an apartment that was cosy. I just remember it didn’t have any personal things in there, it was quite empty. It was like a sterile, hotel room.”

Commenting on Ghislaine and Epstein’s relationship, Lady Victoria claimed: “He gave her that stability of what she needed and she gave him what he needed to meet all these powerful people.

“Everybody knew Ghislaine Maxwell but no one knew him. It was a partnership they had.

“I think she got in way too deep and just couldn’t leave.”

She claims she thinks her friend was “brainwashed” by the late Epstein.

Asked whether she saw Ghislaine as one of Epstein’s victims, she commented: “She was in a way but she came the assistant of what she wanted.

“I think she was so brainwashed by him and so in love with him that she lost the reality of what she was doing.”

The last time Lady Victoria saw Ghislaine was in 2018 at a part in New York.

“Physically she looked the same, the same hairstyle she had for a long time,” she recalled.

“She was buzzing around this party, a lunch, and just being friendly and catching up with everyone.

“But she always exuded this air of mystery about her, you just never really knew where she’d flown in from and was quite secretive about her life.”

Lorraine then asked how Ghislaine will be coping in jail when she’s been used to the luxury lifestyle.

Lady Victoria said: “It’s going to be really tough.

“If you’re used to luxury, it will be hell on earth for her I’m sure.

“I think she’s very tough but it’s a front, I don’t think she is as tough on the inside as what she exudes on the outside.”

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