Trevor Noah Explains How Portland’s Naked Protester And An Army Of Angry Moms Stood Up To Donald Trump’s “Secret Police”

On Tuesday night, Daily Show host Trevor Noah surveyed the scene in Portland where, after 50 days of peaceful Black Lives Matters protests, Donald Trump sent in masked federal agents in unmarked vans to make arrests.

“That sounds less like Democracy and more like an episode of Narcos,” observed Noah. “How are people supposed to tell the difference between being arrested and being kidnapped?”

But it didn’t entirely turn out as the president intended.

While the unidentified federal agents certainly made arrests, they were confronted by an unexpected foe: an army of angry moms chanting “Please don’t shoot me.”

“You know your protest is picking up steam when your mom shows up,” said Noah.

Even more impressive was the former navy officer who did not even flinch as federal agents hit him with batons. The 53-year-old stood still, facing the feds and taking the blows without moving. He’s now being called “Superman.”

Then there was woman who’s been dubbed “Naked Athena.” She faced down a phalanx of armed police while wearing nothing but a face mask and a beanie. The police eventually dispersed as she stood her ground.

Watch Noah’s Daily Show bit on the Portland protests below.

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